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Jun 15, 2024, 03:18:38 AM

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What about Walmart? Any takers?

Started by MYSONSDAD, Jun 10, 2005, 12:23:19 PM

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"Children learn what they live"


I emailed Target to see if this is true.

It will be a shame if it is, I do 90% of my shopping at Target, it is my favorite store, but I will not shop there if it is true.


From what I saw, this is the official site. I would like to write them and ask if they will support NCP's getting their parenting time.

Send them the statistics...

"Children learn what they live"


I also e-mailed Target...that website is absurd! Did you see the "Reminder your child support is due" cards that they will send the NCP? Holy cow....


I haven't gotten a response from Target, how about you?


Well I rarely shop at Target.

I have actually thought about other cs enforcement, I am a cp parent and a stepmom of a ncp father. It would be nice if my ex paid his cs of $160 hell if he paid anything, but he lives of woman and his family.

My son could really use the extra money for his things. Hell I wish my ex would at least call his son, haven't heard from him since xmas.

Then there are men here like my dh that pay a ton of cs while the bm sits their butts and lives of the cs.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**



You are a credit to society. Equitable CS and custody laws would certainly improve your life and that of your son. ALL fit parents and their children should be "allowed" to share a meaningful amount of time with each other. If a court order allows for that time, but a parent chooses not to exercise it, then that is that parent's own fault. If the CS was seamless in its apportionment of an equitable amount of money for the needs of the kid, then there would be no financial incentive to have the kid eitehr more or less time. If that is what the guidelines truly were, then I would be the first to go after parents like your ex, who seemingly just don't want to pony up their fair share of their kid's financial needs.

If the laws were equitable you would be better off on both accounts.


Geraldine Jensen (founder of ACES) has built ACES into a nationwide organization to enforce child support.

Background (public) info about Ms. Jensen:

Upon our review of the record, we find that the trial court's determination that Mr. Gerharter failed to support his children without justifiable cause is against the manifest weight of the evidence. The record is clear that since her divorce from Mr. Gerharter, Mrs. Jensen had severely limited Mr. Gerharter's opportunities to maintain a relationship with his children. First, she moved the children 1500 miles away from Mr. Gerharter. Mrs. Jensen then refused to let Mr. Gerharter see the children when he was in Toledo, or limited his visitation rights by only permitting him to visit with the children in her home. All of this was done without authorization of the court. Mrs. Jensen also denied Mr. Gerharter opportunities to talk with the children by phone and did not give them mail from him. She refused to let Mr. Gerharter's relatives, who did live in Toledo, visit with the children after June of 1978. [Court of Appeals, Sixth Appellate District Court, Lucas County, Ohio, 1981 Ohio App. LEXIS 11385, January 23, 1981]

It might be worth mentioning in passing that the membership figure of 50,000 ACES proudly proclaims is likely to be inflated a bit. ACES tax returns for 2000 show $19,180 in "Membership Dues and Assessments." If
every member of ACES joined at the lowest level of $10 per year, that would entail a total national membership of 1,918-respectable for a grassroots organization, to be sure, but a far cry from the 50,000 claimed.

Products in addition to the Heinz label that are funding the separation of parents from their children:

Bagel Bites, Boston Market, Catelli, Classico, Farley's, Funky Fries, Greenseas, Guloso, Jack Daniel's Grilling Sauce, John West , Linda McCartney Meals, Mr. Yoshida's Fine Sauces, Ne-nerina, Olivine, Ore-Ida, Orlando, Plasmon,Polly Mi Chicha, Polly Rice Flour, Rosetto, Smart Ones, tinytums, Watties, Weight Watchers Foods, and Wyler's.


Link to Heinz Foundation, where you can contact the company:



Dear Target Management:

I am writing to you this Father's Day weekend regarding your company's involvement with ACES. In doing so, your company is supporting the unlawful witholding of children from a parent, which is almost always the father. Apparently, your company failed to check out the public record of the founder of ACES, Ms. Geraldine Jensen. If you had done so, this is what you would have found:

Upon our review of the record, we find that the trial court's determination that Mr. Gerharter failed to support his children without justifiable cause is against the manifest weight of the evidence. The record is clear that since her divorce from Mr. Gerharter, Mrs. Jensen had severely limited Mr. Gerharter's opportunities to maintain a relationship with his children. First, she moved the children 1500 miles away from Mr. Gerharter. Mrs. Jensen then refused to let Mr. Gerharter see the children when he was in Toledo, or limited his visitation rights by only permitting him to visit with the children in her home. All of this was done without authorization of the court. Mrs. Jensen also denied Mr. Gerharter opportunities to talk with the children by phone and did not give them mail from him. She refused to let Mr. Gerharter's relatives, who did live in Toledo, visit with the children after June of 1978. [Court of Appeals, Sixth Appellate District Court, Lucas County, Ohio, 1981 Ohio App. LEXIS 11385, January 23, 1981]

It might be worth mentioning in passing that the membership figure of 50,000 ACES proudly proclaims is likely to be inflated a bit. ACES tax returns for 2000 show $19,180 in "Membership Dues and Assessments." If
every member of ACES joined at the lowest level of $10 per year, that would entail a total national membership of 1,918-respectable for a grassroots organization, to be sure, but a far cry from the 50,000 claimed.

Furthermore, yesterday, I could not bring myself to purchase a $140, 9" TV/DVD combo from your store. As I am camping with my son, and his mom is off on a separate vacation with her new husband, we will watch the baseball ALL-STAR game on a similar TV set, that I purchased from Best Buy for $150.

Equipped with background knowledge about the founder of the organization, I hope your company will reconsider its position to support ACES.



P.S. I intend to forward this email to other family members and friends.


That's a GREAT letter. I am in MN where Target is HQ. After reading this I want to drive downtown to their bldg and get in someone's face in that office. It truly is too bad, as Target does a lot of good things for the community.

Thanks for the heads up.



That is a great letter! I also wrote that Walmart and K-mart are also right down the road :)


Yep POC,

My ex has 5 kids (mine the oldest) he has only seen my son as I felt it was important (guess not to him though) then 2 of his kids were given up for adoption and the other two the mothers kept, but he hasn't seen any of the other chidlren. Which is sad for my son, he knows he has siblings but the other mothers won't exchange photos with me so my son can see what his brothers/sisters look like. One mom that gave up her child did send me photos of the baby that the adoptive parents sent her.

It is so sad that some parents are like this.

Personally I don't like CS, reason being, When you are together with the other parent (regardless of marriage) the state does not get to dictate how much you need to spend on your child. BUT once you are no longer together they can, they can peanolize the NCP for not working and not paying CS but it is OK for the CP to NOT WORK.  Ok so how is that, as then BOTH parents are NOT financially helping to raise the child only the NCP is.

BUT again it is all about the money, each state gets a kickback for how much cs they collect, from the Federal Government, Social Security etc. SO tax paying citizens who pay into Social Security for years and years whom do not have kids, do not get any kickbacks from the states etc if you know what I mean, BUT the cs agency do.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**


Here is the response I received:


Thank you for your e-mail regarding our community involvement.

Target is not affiliated with //www.childsupport-aces.org/home.html. We have requested our logo and name be removed.

We do welcome your inquiry and feedback, so if we can assist you in the future, please contact our Target Guest Relations team at 1-800-440-0680. We also invite you to share your comments whenever you visit a Target store or on the Internet at //www.target.com.

We value you as our guest and thank you for shopping at Target.


Target Guest Relations


That is all that I wanted from them. If I had received the response myself it would have been nice. If the statement had been made more public it would have been even better.



My ex owes over $27,000 in child support, yet when he worked for Walmart, they never did the wage garnishment on his pay (they KNEW that they were supposed to do a wage garnishment)!

Before anyone blasts me, my ex not only doesn't pay his child support, he TOTALLY ingores our daughter (who is now 14 years old)!!!


To: POC Email
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 4:40 PM
Subject: ACES is NOT Affiliated with Target

Dear POC,

We appreciate the time you've taken to ask about the use of the Target name
and logo on the ACES Web site.

We're always concerned to learn that unauthorized Web sites or individuals
are using the Target name and/or logo without our permission. When guests
like you let us know, we promptly investigate such use and take appropriate
action if needed. Target doesn't have any affiliation with this Web site. We
've asked that our logo and name be removed.

Thanks for shopping with us. We hope we'll see you again soon at Target.
And, please feel free to share this e-mail with your e-mail network. The
sooner we get the word out about ACES not being affiliated with Target the

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!


Target Guest Relations



You are mixing issues.

1) How much your ex owes in CS is a non-issue to me, since no state has equitable CS guidelines. What percentage of an unjustifiable amount is equitable? Currently, there is no way to differentiate legitimate CS awards from bogus ones.

2) Perhaps if money wre apportioned to provide for the child when she would be with him, then he might be able to exercise such "visitation".


CS IS an issue to me since I don't receive any.  My ex is only ordered to pay $35.00 a week for Child support which I DON'T feel is too much!

If my ex DID spend time with our child, our state does take that into account and would lower his CS payment, but he chooses not to.  We live two towns away from him, I have made many attempts to get him to visit with our daughter.  I take our daughter to his parent's house so he can visit with her, but he never shows up.  He just doesn't seem to want to spend time with her.

I realize that money is not the most important thing, but my ex also never spends ANY time with our daughter who is now 14 years old!!!  

You assumed the worst of me and that was not fair.  Next time ask questions, before you make assumptions!


Read what POC posted in my response.

POC is a fair man, I am in the same situation as you, my son is 13 and my ex is ordered to pay $40 a week and doesn't. My ex never sees our son (harder now as we moved out of state but when we lived 4 miles he never did either) And he is $22k in arrears.

So I don't think POC was attacking you personally.

Many dads out their pay or attempt to pay their support, see their children and try to be the best dad they can since the courts reduced them to visitors. THEN you have ex's like yours and mine who do not give a dam.

As for Walmart not garnishing his wages, in some states like WA State if an employer received a wage garnishment and DOES NOT garnish, you can hire an attorney and make that employer responsible for the current support and the arrears (at least this is what CS office told me) One employer of my ex pulled this crap, I called his boss informed him that if he did not send the cs within a week he would be hearing from my attorney and could be liable for the $22k in arrearage. Let me tell you that boss had that whopping check to the cs office within a week, two weeks later my ex quit.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**


I agree with POC. You missed the entire point of this.

There are about 10-15% of dads who do not give a damn. But this is giving all the rest a bad rap. And you will find many fathers who DO pay, but with circumstances beyond their control, they become "dead broke". They are overwhelmed by an unjust system, that keeps taking and taking.

They are good fathers, and I bet if the real statistics came out, you would find 50%- 60% of CP's who deny and interfere with visitation, is that fair? Where are the stores backing denied/interference with visitation? You won't see them. There is that word again. I AM NOT A VISITATOR.

I know Wendl is a great CP and there are so many others. Do not take this as a slam. I just wish someone would put just 10% of effort into denials. It only hurts the kids.

"Children learn what they live"


I don't think that Walmart and Target should team up with ACES.  I also DO realize that there are NCPs out there who pay WAY too much for CS.  I also realize that there are CPs out there who do not allow the NCPs to visit their children.

All that I was trying to say was that I was surprised that Walmart was teaming up with ACES since they didn't even garnish my ex's wages when they were court-ordered to.  

I DID take offense to POC's first line of their response to me:

"How much your ex owes in CS is a non-issue to me, since no state has equitable CS guidelines."

Surely he doesn't think that $35/week is too much to pay for a 14 year old girl!  I only wish that my ex would pay it.  It would really help our daughter out alot!  I struggle each and every week to buy her the things that she needs.  We just had to go to the emergency room last night because she fell and cut her knee.  12 stitches!  Will he help pay for any of her medical expenses?  Of course not!!!  It all falls on me.



If you knew anything about me, as many long time SPARC posters do, then you would know that it is very rare that I comment about individuals, or their cases. When I do, it is typically as a case in point. I am more concerned with how laws effect all of us. So, to say that I assumed the worst of you is way off the mark. I suggest that you go back and read my reply to wendl, as she suggested.

If you're situation is inequitable, then I will be your biggest defender. But, I don't go by heresay. And, since we don't know each other, that is all it is to this forum. It is very simple to show in a mathematical equation if an order is equitable, or not. If you would like to lend your state and a link to its CS guidelines, I would be happy to show its flaws. You can trust that its mathematical errors are grievous. If I sound confident, it is because I am.

CP's who are getting screwed over should be some of the biggest defenders of CS reform. But, until reform takes place, don't ask me to try to determine what portion of an inequitable guideline amount is equitable. 10%, 20%, 50%, or whatever other percentage of BS is still BS.

The thread was about the founder of ACES, who has a court record of denying access to her child, and ACES' association with different stores. You very well may have valid points about the lack of provisions for your daughter, and the need for her father to step up and be the most important thing he can be for your daughter - THERE! But, save it for another thread, or start a new one.




What this "means" is subjective, as it means different things to different people. As, the title of the group indicates, it is an advisory committee in Indiana. While it says it is an advisery committee about custody and child support, this particular report talked very little about differences in parenting time, and nothing about child rearing costs in various arrangements. Primarily, it deals with the state's effectiveness in collecting child support.

Why do you ask?


Sorry must have hit reply,instead of post.......

I couldn't tell if they are trying to change the laws or not....I know that my state started to take into account the over nights with the NCP when they calculate cs.....however the fairness I don't know.

Truthfully I don't understand cs as dh and bm do not have a cs order...I know its for the child(ren) all that...but the tec. parts confuse me......most of the time to me anyway they do not account for what the NCP needs to raise the child on their time too.....


No harm, no foul. These types of commissions most often are a joke. They spend a whole lot of time and money, without ever addressing obvious issues, such as the fact that the base formula is tragically flawed. The results are that kids get left in the lurch.

CS is not for children. It is a means to transfer money from one parent to another. There is no requirement that that money be spent on children. Typically, when a state starts to take into account overnights at NCP homes, it is done after some arbitrary threshold is exceeded. There is no logical explanation to account for kids needs at say 91 overnights, but not 90 overnights. Why should a kid be left with his needs unaccounted for 90 days out of the year? Wouldn't they be harmed if basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing were not provided during that time? How many days of the year should their food, shelter, and clothing go unaccounted for?

An equitable formula that is mathematically valid can be applied at any given point along the timesharing and parental income spectrum. When some type of threshold or deviation formula is present, it is a tell-tale sign that the base formula is flawed.

Not very technical or complicated at all.


"The Natural Order: Water Finds It's Own Mark."

           I have been reading through the different BOARDS on this site, first looking for someone who could help me with my problems (which are enormous and daunting).


Then it hit me. I am seeing a common thread run through the issues herein contained and that is Fathers (Specifically) and parents in general, being crushed into submission under the weight of child support and legal fees.

Some of the stories have made me so sad... then is dawned on me like the strike of a lightning flash!

I have spent the last five years strategically fighting to establish an almost gurrila court battle Rules of Engagement to enable myself to become impervious to the common tactics as A.) Exhaustion of Financial Resources and B.) Destabalization of Emotional Constitution as is used in such custody battles.

My goal is now to give back to the community. I would fund each father's quest to reunify with their child if I could, but lacking the immediate resources to do this, I will share what I can.

To find out how to protect yourself financially* (and God as my whitness, this is what it all comes down to if your hope it WINNING THE CASE), CONTACT:

Financial Solutions Group: 1.877.365.9500
[email protected]

Father Friendly Resource for:
Tax Lien Issues - *Financial Planning - Foreclosure Resolution - Bankruptcy Resolution - Credit Repair - Debt Elimination.



 I see Target.com, but Walmart is no longer on their list. Sears, which is also part of Land's End and several other big retailers. Most are small retailers. And their list has grown.
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269. Hot Topic 2.0%
270. Hotwire 0.8%
271. HP Home: HPShopping.com 1.2%
272. HP Small Business 1.2%
273. HSN 3.6%
274. ICE.com 3.2%
275. iDISH Network Special Rate
276. iGourmet 4.8%
277. Illuminations.com 3.2%
278. iMaternity.com 3.2%
279. Improvements Catalog 3.2%
280. Instrument Pro 4.0%
281. Integrity Music 4.0%
282. International Male 2.4%
283. iPod Store 0.4%
284. iPrint 2.8%
285. Isabella Catalog 4.4%
286. J&R 1.2%
287. J.Jill.com 2.4%
288. Jackson & Perkins 2.4%
289. JCPenney 1.6%
290. JCWhitney 2.4%
291. Jeffers Equine 0.9%
292. Jeffers Pet 0.9%
293. Jessica London 2.0%
294. Joann.com 3.2%
295. Johnston & Murphy 2.8%
296. JosABank.com 3.2%
297. Journeys Shoes 2.8%
298. Junonia 4.0%
299. JustMySize.com 2.0%
300. Kaboom 4.0%
301. Kaplan cheater spam 2.4%
302. KB Toys 2.0%
303. Kelly's Running Warehouse 3.2%
304. King Size Direct 2.0%
305. Kodak EasyShare Gallery 4.0%
306. Kohl's 1.6%
307. L.L.Bean 2.0%
308. La Redoute 2.0%
309. Lacrosse.com 2.0%
310. LAMPS PLUS 3.2%
311. Lancôme 3.6%
312. Lands' End 3.2%
313. Lands' End Maternity 2.4%
314. LandscapeUSA 3.2%
315. Lane Bryant Catalog 2.0%
316. LaneBryant.com 2.0%
317. Laura Ashley (UK) 2.0%
318. Leaps and Bounds 3.2%
319. Lenox 3.6%
320. LensMart 4.0%
321. Lerner Catalog 2.0%
322. Lids.com 4.0%
323. Lighter Side 4.0%
324. Lillian Vernon 2.8%
325. Limited Too 2.0%
326. Limoges Jewelry 6.0%
327. Linens 'N Things 2.0%
328. LinenSource 3.2%
329. Little Tikes 2.0%
330. Lobster Gram 4.8%
331. Loehmann's Online 4.0%
332. Lowestfare.com Special Rate
333. Macy*s 1.6%
334. MacZone 1.2%
335. Made In Washington 3.2%
336. Magazine Promotion 12.0%
337. Magazines.com 14.0%
338. Magellan's Travel Supplies 4.0%
339. Maidenform.com 2.8%
340. Maps.com 2.8%
341. Marks & Spencer 1.2%
342. Mason Shoe 6.0%
343. Massey's 6.0%
344. Maternity Mall 3.2%
345. MCSports.com 2.0%
346. Michigan Bulb 6.0%
347. Midnight Velvet 2.8%
348. Mikasa.com 2.8%
349. Miles Kimball 2.0%
350. Miles Kimball Cards 2.0%
351. Mimi Maternity 3.2%
352. Mister Art 2.8%
353. MLB.com 3.6%
354. Monroe & Main 2.0%
355. Mothercare 1.6%
356. Motherhood Maternity 3.2%
357. Motherhood Nursingwear 3.2%
358. MotherNature.com 5.6%
359. Motherwear 3.2%
360. Motorola 2.8%
361. Mr. Ink Man 13.6%
362. Mrs. Beasley's 3.2%
363. Mrs. Fields Gifts 2.0%
364. Music123 2.0%
365. Musician's Friend 2.8%
366. MusicSpace.com 2.8%
367. My Twinn 2.8%
368. MyInks.com 12.0%
369. Nashbar 2.0%
370. National Pet Pharmacy 3.2%
371. Neiman Marcus 4.0%
372. Netflix Special Rate
373. New York Times - Home Delivery Special Rate
374. New York Times Store 4.0%
375. Newport News 2.4%
376. Nextel Special Rate
377. Niketown 2.4%
378. Nirvana Chocolates 4.0%
379. Nokia USA 4.0%
380. Norm Thompson 2.4%
381. Northern Tool 2.0%
382. NOVICA 2.4%
383. Nutrisystem 6.0%
384. Office Depot 2.0%
385. Office Furniture 2.0%
386. OfficeMax Canada 1.6%
387. OfficeMax.com 1.6%
388. OldNavy.com 2.0%
389. Omaha Steaks 2.8%
390. One Hanes Place 2.0%
391. One Step Ahead 3.2%
392. OneSpirit.com Special Rate
393. Orange Clean 4.0%
394. Orange Glo 4.0%
395. Orbitz Special Rate
396. Organic Bouquet 3.2%
397. Oriental Trading Co. 2.0%
398. Origins.com 4.0%
399. Orvis 4.8%
400. OshKosh B'Gosh 4.0%
401. Oshman's 2.0%
402. Overstock.com 2.4%
403. Overton's 1.6%
404. Overtstock.com Auctions Special Rate
405. OxiClean 4.0%
406. Pacific Coast Feather Co. 2.8%
407. Paintball Online 2.0%
408. Palm Beach Jewelry 4.8%
409. palmOne 2.0%
410. Paragon Gifts 2.8%
411. Park Inn 2.0%
412. Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts 2.0%
413. Patagonia 4.0%
414. Paul Fredrick Menstyle 3.6%
415. Payless ShoeSource 2.0%
416. PC Connection 1.2%
417. Peapod Grocer Special Rate
418. PeopleFinder 4.0%
419. PeoplePC Online Special Rate
420. Personal Creations 6.0%
421. Pet Food Direct 3.2%
422. Petals 3.6%
423. PETCO 3.2%
424. Petite Sophisticate 2.0%
425. Petscriptions.com 2.8%
426. PETsMART 3.2%
427. Pfaelzer Brothers 4.0%
428. Pfaltzgraff 2.4%
429. Philips 1.2%
430. Photo Alley 1.2%
431. PlayCentric Special Rate
432. Popcorn Factory 4.8%
433. Powell's 2.8%
434. Prescriptives 4.0%
435. Priceline.com 1.2%
436. Principal Secret 6.8%
437. PrintPal 10.0%
438. Proactiv Solution 6.8%
439. ProFlowers 4.0%
440. Puritan's Pride 4.8%
441. QBOutlet.com 4.8%
442. Quicken Loans Special Rate
443. QVC 1.6%
444. Radisson Hotels & Resorts 2.0%
445. Rail Europe 2.0%
446. Rampage.com 4.8%
447. Reading Glasses 4.8%
448. RedEnvelope 3.2%
449. Regent International Hotels 2.0%
450. Register.com 10.0%
451. registry@macy's 1.6%
452. REI 2.0%
453. REI - Outlet 2.0%
454. Restoration Hardware 2.4%
455. Revival Soy 8.0%
456. Ritz Camera 1.6%
457. Road Runner Sports 3.2%
458. Roaman's 2.0%
459. Rochester Big & Tall 4.0%
460. Room for Kids 2.8%
461. ROOTS Direct 2.0%
462. Ross-Simons 2.4%
463. S&S Worldwide 4.0%
464. Safeway.com Special Rate
465. Sahalie 2.4%
466. SBC Communications Special Rate
467. Scholastic Store 2.0%
468. Scholastic Teacher Store 2.0%
469. SeaBear Smokehouse 3.2%
470. Sears Clothing 1.6%
471. Sears Jewelry 2.8%
472. Sears.com 1.2%
473. Sephora 2.0%
474. Seventh Avenue 2.8%
475. Sharper Image 4.0%
476. Sheplers WesternWear 2.0%
477. ShindigZ by Stumps 5.2%
478. Shoebuy.com 6.8%
479. Shoedini 5.2%
480. ShoeMall 6.0%
481. SHOP.COM 2.0%
482. ShopatHomeTV 2.0%
483. ShopNBC 2.0%
484. ShowPlace 2.8%
485. Shutterfly 4.0%
486. Sierra Club 4.0%
487. Silhouettes 2.4%
488. Simply Whispers 6.0%
489. Site59.com 1.2%
490. SitStay.com 4.0%
491. SmartBargains 4.0%
492. Smarthome 3.2%
493. Smith+Noble 3.2%
494. Smithsonian Store 3.6%
495. Snapfish Special Rate
496. Soccer.com 2.0%
497. Socrates.com 12.0%
498. Soft Surroundings 2.0%
499. Solutions Catalog 2.4%
500. Songs4Worship 4.0%
501. SONY 1.2%
502. Sony Card Visa Special Rate
503. SpaFinder 3.2%
504. SpaWish 2.4%
505. Spiegel 2.4%
506. Spiegel Clearance 2.4%
507. Spilsbury 4.0%
508. SpinLife 2.0%
509. Spiritual Cinema Circle Special Rate
510. Sport Chalet 2.0%
511. Sportmart 2.0%
512. Sports Authority 2.0%
513. Sportsman's Guide 3.2%
514. Stacks and Stacks 3.2%
515. Staples.com 1.2%
516. Star Struck & ProTeam 3.6%
517. Starbucks Card Duetto Visa Special Rate
518. Starbucks Store 4.0%
519. State Line Tack 2.0%
520. StickerGiant 4.0%
521. Stonewall Kitchen 3.2%
522. Sunglass Hut 2.8%
523. Sur La Table 2.8%
524. SureFit Slipcovers 4.0%
525. Swanson Health Products 4.0%
526. Swiss Colony 2.8%
527. SwissOutpost.com 2.8%
528. T-Mobile Special Rate
529. T-Shirts.com 4.0%
530. T. Shipley 4.0%
531. T.J.Maxx 2.0%
532. Tabasco Country Store 2.4%
533. Target.com 2.0%
534. TaxCut.com 6.0%
535. Tech Depot 1.2%
536. Ted by United Special Rate
537. Tender Filet 2.0%
538. Term Life Insurance from OnlineChoice 6.5%
539. Terry's Village 2.4%
540. TextbookX 2.0%
541. The Body Shop 4.0%
542. The Children's Place 2.0%
543. The Company Store 2.0%
544. The Container Store 2.8%
545. The Discover® Platinum Card Special Rate
546. The Discover® Platinum Gas Card Special Rate
547. The Golf Warehouse 2.8%
548. The House 2.8%
549. The Miles Card from Discover® Card Special Rate
550. The Territory Ahead 2.8%
551. Things Remembered 2.4%
552. Thrifty Car Rental 0.4%
553. Timberland 3.2%
554. TimeLife.com 4.8%
555. Tire Rack 2.4%
556. Torrid 2.0%
557. Toshiba 1.2%
558. Tower Records 1.6%
559. TracFone 2.4%
560. Travelocity.com 0.8%
561. TreeGivers 9.2%
562. Treo Store 2.0%
563. Tupperware 2.8%
564. U.S. Toy Company 2.0%
565. Ulla Popken 2.4%
566. ULTA 2.0%
567. UltimateGrill.com 3.2%
568. United Airlines Special Rate
569. United.com Hotels Special Rate
570. UnitedEscapes 0.8%
571. Upper Deck Store 4.0%
572. Urban Outfitters 2.0%
573. USAopoly 4.0%
574. Vacation Outlet Special Rate
575. Value Mags 26.0%
576. Verizon Wireless Special Rate
577. Vermont Country Store 4.0%
578. Vermont Teddy Bear Co. 6.0%
579. Viking Office Products 2.4%
580. Vision Direct 4.8%
581. VistaPrint 6.0%
582. VitaCost 4.0%
583. Vitamin Shoppe 4.0%
584. Vons.com Special Rate
585. Wall Street Journal 14.0%
586. Walter Drake 6.0%
587. We Behave 3.2%
588. Wear Guard 4.0%
589. WebVitamins 4.8%
590. Weight Watchers Special Rate
591. West Marine 1.6%
592. White Flower Farm 3.2%
593. Wickers 6.0%
594. Wilsons Leather 2.0%
595. Wine Enthusiast 2.4%
596. Wine.com 2.4%
597. Winsor Pilates 6.8%
598. Wolf Camera 1.6%
599. Woodwind & Brasswind 2.0%
600. Woolrich.com 2.4%
601. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Special Rate
602. X-10 Wireless 12.0%
603. Yardiac 4.0%
604. Your Active Pet 4.8%
605. Yves Rocher 6.0%
606. Zales.com 1.6%
607. zChocolat 8.0%
608. ZoneLD 1.6%
609. Zones.com 1.2%


because it pertained to Walmart.  I don't feel that I should have started a new thread.  I was just stating the fact the I was surprised that Walmart was teaming up with ACES since Walmart didn't seem to care enough to take a court-ordered wage garnishment out of my ex's paycheck.  

I am ALL for CS reform!  You seem to think that I am totally against what you are fighting for.  Not sure where you got that idea from!

Good luck to you!


Fine by me, it's all good. You seemed to think I was talking about you - I wasn't. I was talking about the topic.



i guess i won't be buying any AVON products;  no great loss; i never do


unfortunately there are always opposite ends of the spectrum; i too, was a divorced mom with 2 kids.  my ex never paid child support and, in fact was a "professional student" the whole time my children would have been eligible for support.  he purposely took meager, part-time subsistance jobs and pursued his PHd while living off of his new wife's income.  in this way he was able to complete his PHd and get that 6 figure job as a professor of criminal justice as well as the author of several books the SECOND the children were no longer eligible to receive CS.  he had to be FORCED by his new wife to see the children, as he had no interest in them whatsoever  (" i never wanted kids so i shouldn't have to see them or pay for them"  and i quote!)


the hands of time turn and i am now living with my BF, who was KICKED out by the stay at home BM with a bachelor's degree after 15 years of a loveless, sexless marriage.  for almost a YEAR now, he has been paying his ENTIRE paycheck to her and she keeps wanting more and more!  she "lets" him see his 3 kids who he loves madly, but you can tell that she is trying to poison the kids against him.

we've had to buy new shoes for the 2 yr old because they were two sizes too small and she let it go that way for over 2 months!!  even the 2 yr old with his limited vocabulary said "too tight" when putting on his shoes!

BM tells the SKs that "mommy pays for everything and daddy pays for nothing" etc. etc.  UNbelievable!!!