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Jul 19, 2024, 08:02:43 PM

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forgiveness of back CS arrears without CP approval?

Started by beeboah, Oct 26, 2005, 05:34:12 AM

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You don't need any advice from anyone....and you appear to just want to argue.

Best to you....



The only time I get anything done with the ex is to be assertive.

Based on personal experience.

I am fully aware that issues of CS and Visitation are legally different, but they are not different in reality.

If I don't pay my CS, I can go to jail or my driver's license thereby losing my ability to visit my child. If I don't have enough money to pay CS, I probably don't have a job. I still would not be able to visit my child.

My taking steps to stop the visitation interference initiated by my es is in fact worthy of a medal. I got out of my slump, ignored the intimidation, and decided to do something about it.

I can't say the same for the majority of NCP's who waste too much time listening to others who say that we can't do something about it.

It is something to be proud of.


Not often enough, but you are damn right.

That is why I am here to do something about it. Even if it is done in increments or by using my God given intelligence to slowly take back my child and my finances.

Some people (even criminals like the CP which has been discussed) are given a child by default. I guess that in the long run, they will be less prepared for what life really dishes out for an NCP.

This experience has made me far stronger, not weaker.

If bitterness drives me to excel, then so be it!!

Many CP's need not be bitter, they are given your child and your money.


I don't have it all figured out, but if you don't want to argue then maybe you should ask yourself the same question. There again, I got one issue figured out while "arguing" with you. I am going to use the fact that my ex fraudulently signed a document stating that she received $0 from me as leverage for her to forgive those arrears.

If not, then I will go see the judge.

Very simple.

Thank you!


is called extortion.  Judges tend to frown on that sort of thing.

You've been given excellent advice to discuss the issue of forgiving arrears with Socrateaser, who is an attorney and offers legal advice for FREE yet I don't see that you've posted this question to him.

You say you want LEGAL advice. None of us here are attorneys so all you're going to get is an opinion based on personal experience.  You're directed to someone on this board who IS and attorney but you won't use his services.

I would love to hear what he would tell you about your plan to strong arm your ex on the arrears!  LOL


stalking. What are you stalking me for anyways?

Don't you have a life? I will approach Socrateaser when the time is right for me, not you.

Do you mean an opinion "based" or rather, an opinion "biased".

I am sure that the judge will frown on my course of action, whatever you call it.

As if the ex does not do whatever she wants.....sure keep dreaming.

It is only a "crime" when the NCP proceeds as they need to.

Some CP's (specifically my ex) takes great pride in holding others' feet to the fire.

Well it is my turn to hold her feet to the fire. Then it will be time for my custody battle.

Not going to be deterred by you or anyone else.



The people on this board have genuinely tried to help beeboah, especially olanna and cinb85. From following this thread it seems to me that this person has attacked the very people that were trying to offer help. This person doesn't seem to recognize the fact that ALMOST ALL of us have gone through as much pain as she/he has. She/he doesn't realize that some of us have not seen our children in months. Some on this board have been investigated because our ex's have falsely accused us of molesting or beating our children. Some of us are so poor that we get to watch our youngest children go without so that our first born can wear Abercrombie.

People on this board are here because they battle with the need to maintain their own sense of honesty and dignity while not allowing the bitter and angry ex to trample all over them and their kids. We want to be the person that their children will one day look to as a moral compass even though it rips us apart on a daily basis. Beeboah has no place in playing the superiority role here. She/he has no pace in trying to tell a community of people like us that "Some CP's (sic) takes (sic) great pride in holding others' feet to the fire". Forgive me but DUHHHHHHHH!

We have won our court cases too but we have lost them as well. However, many of us follow the rule of being a good parent by being a good example.

We have seen people like beeboah on this board before, people who lash out at the advice that they requested. We have seen people who can not carry a conversation with the rest of us plebeians because they have some unearned superiority complex. We have seen people who insist on "my way or the highway" behaviors. Usually they ARE CPs trying to bully their way through our rights. Sometimes we call them Trolls. The only difference is that she/he is on our side of the fence in custody but, and I will only speak for myself, not on my side of the fence in decency.

I have no problem helping you out, beeboah, because I think it is right to help people when they are in need, even if they are a-holes.

Best wishes to all


Dude is seriously deranged and apparently needs an eye examine as well since there were no typos in my post.  I pray for the sake of the child this deranged person doesn't get any kind of custody.  That would be the TRUE crime here.


I was referring to your "bias" as opposed to any "basis".
I was not referring to any misspelling in your post. However if you insist, it would be an "examination" not an "examine" that YOU need to attend if you think that a person arrested for domestic violence should be the custodial parent.


If you feel that I am an a$$hole, I don't want your help. I have earned my way, and I don't need anyone to pay my fare. (Wish that I could say this for the CP) I made the world aware of my choice to hold the CP's feet to the fire because see it or not (DUHHHH as you put it) there are some posters who blatantly ignore that the CP has committed fraud, violent crimes etc, and instead focus negatively yet quite purposefully on one of my undying choices to get my damn money back (which is one of the building blocks to getting my child back).

I don't need to continue this thread. If it is not worthy, useful, or accurate, then the moderator will delete it.

If you continue to post to this thread, you may consider it a victory on your behalf.

However, the real victory will transpire when I move forward, in a court of law.

You can a$$ume that I will "lose", or even propagate this potential loss by trying to naysay this post. Some of you DO hope that I lose.  However, that just might not be the case. It probably won't be the case.

If the thread remains, then it will be useful for those who do a search and are intent and undettered in using legal procedure for their own and accordingly for their childs' benefit.

If it is deleted, well then my "opinion" that censorship has occurred would be just as worthy as anyone elses.

There are plenty of NCP's who are inspired and I am one of them. It is my turn to take a "whatever it takes attitude", just as it was ok for the ex to snap her fingers and snatch my child with lies.

To all of the people who agree with me and have emailed me privately about this, hats off. Hopefully you will say what is on your mind to the rest of the world and not worry about attempts to put your flames out because I for one certainly am not.

This is my last post on this board, consider that your only victory. Just as my credibility will indicate that I will no longer waste time on this post, trust that I will take the CP to task.

Have a nice time chalking it up. You are not the only ones on the planet, or "your planet" I should say.

I have a motion to file.