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Jun 17, 2024, 12:52:47 PM

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forgiveness of back CS arrears without CP approval?

Started by beeboah, Oct 26, 2005, 05:34:12 AM

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***I am fully aware that issues of CS and Visitation are legally different, but they are not different in reality.***

No...they are NOT different in reality. One is TIME, one is MONEY.

***If I don't have enough money to pay CS, I probably don't have a job. I still would not be able to visit my child.***

Bull...any GOOD parent would do whatever was necessary to see their child. NOTHING could keep me from my son. And if I didn't have a JOB to support him, I'd do whatever I could to GET one, or to find a way to support him without resorting to state aid. I've been there, done that.

Ref is right. We've seen your sort before. And YOU are more worthy of the word "troll" than ANY poster who has attempted to give you solid advice.
Love me without fear-Need me without demanding-Trust me without question-Want me without restrictions-Accept me without change. Find my soul and I'm yours 4ever


This person showed up on the Fathers Issues forum. Had many tell him to post to SOC, he never did....

"Children learn what they live"


but he didn't like what I had to say!  I don't think that he understands how these boards work.  Seems to me like he only wants legal advice, not people's opinions and advice.  


boards and bitching at people and complaining that people aren't answering your questions in the manner you demand. Or if they ask a question, you are complaining it's none of their business or has nothing to do with they reply they may give.

Act that way in front a judge and see how quick you get shot down.

So, why haven't you gone over and asked SOC the legal questions you want to have answers to.???? HMMM?????


you claim that censorship might take place HERE?
you are a doopeyeaish (sp?)

sure, sure you put that CP to task....you are so shortsided, that it aiint the CP you demand to task....it's the FAMILY COURT..... sure sure you claim you have been successful at prose  representation but, yet you clearly cannot speak in law legaleeze if it saved your life.

I have talked to and been friends w/ CinB for about 10 years now.....her ????? to YOU are logical and warranted.

why don't you post just what NOTICES of motion you have won?

Let's ask this: just how many copies of a notice of motion are *you* required to file when filing such notices? And, how are you to mail them?

Let's just see how YOU really know how to handle yourself in family court?
That is basic family court 101......how many copies?


Let's see how he/she will do before the judge. We won't hear from him after that. Bet he won't come back to post the results.

Just like a bad dream, coming back when you least expect it. Said he was thru with us, ya, right....

This person is doing this for entertainment purposes. We all need to turn him off.


"Children learn what they live"


Hopefully it will continue for many more years!!!!

Thanks Jola!


If you think you will win, hands down. If only you knew the details of my brother's case, you'd know...but I know if I try to post them, you'll naysay them, so what's the point?

Let's just say that your thinking you can get custody easily is an illusion. If my bro couldn't get it when his ex 1). has been arrested for domestic violence on SEVERAL occassions; 2). my nephew was late for school (PM Kindergarten, even) in excess of 50 times in one school year; 3). She's an alcoholic; 4). she's tried to commit suicide 3 times that we have proof of, probable more; 5). My nephew was left alone for long periods of time at an early age; 6). She has tried to keep my nephew from my bro, and even "disappeared" for a period of 6 months; 7). HER OWN FAMILY approached my bro to tell him that home was not a safe place, and he should get his son out of there...they even testified at trial.

I could go on and on...but that would only prove to blow your illusions.

So you do what you will. Keep your illusions. Keep thinking the courts are "logical" or that they work in the "best interest of the child."
Love me without fear-Need me without demanding-Trust me without question-Want me without restrictions-Accept me without change. Find my soul and I'm yours 4ever