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Jul 18, 2024, 03:41:47 AM

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SDU modifictions

Started by awakenlynn, Dec 17, 2005, 08:17:47 AM

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We received a note from SDU(we think) the first week of October asking if we wished for a review and possible modification.  We didn't fill it out because we modified only last year this same time.  It said if we didn't wish to then to ignore it.

Now last week we received another form from (IL Dept of Public Aid) [The 2 have recently split or something and are still using the same letterhead]  This time they ask for a new financial affidavit to modify our child support.

I asked my sister and she got one too.  Her case is in a different county than ours, but she didn't fill it out and recieved a notice it was closed.  She had called them afterwards and said it was a computer generated letter/form the same as SDU.

I haven't responded or called because I want to get through the holidays first without having to worry about it.  Ex, husband and state's attorney reviewed my husband's pay, financial affidavit and agreed to keep support where it is.  We said any raises we get, we would pay quarterly.  He got a 20 cent raise(something close).  It comes out to about $20 a month when added up and we are paying quarterly for it.

I am afraid SDU or IL Dept will step in and arbitrarily decide we aren't paying enough since they don't have to go by the court order or any agreements.  

What should I do?  Do nothing and see what happens?  Call them and ask about the form and tell them that we modified a year ago and to review the current financial affidavit(it is slightly out of date-we have alot more bills than we did then and only that slight increase in pay--but he did work more overtime this year)

We were under the belief that a case could only be reviewed and modified every three years unless there was a substancial increase in pay.

Any thoughts about this case?


I would just call them and say that you did not ask for it so why are you receiving the newest paper? I would not just forget about it...Good luck!