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Jun 15, 2024, 04:38:57 AM

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how to stop enforcement of child support

Started by spinner, Jun 21, 2006, 10:03:50 PM

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Hi Everyone,

My ex and I have been good parents for over a year now, communicating and helping each other.

It's at the point where we decided to put differences asside and really working for our kid together.

we agreed that our son could go to the schools in my school district, schools are better than in hers and we'd drive back and forth.

We agree on time with our son and simply share time, call each other to take care of our son when needed. My ex has realized that out of court and fight, we can work together.
and we actually work great.

We are also aware of the CS law changing in 2007-2008 and have agreed that starting january 2007 we would simply not pay any CS to each other.
Now here is where I come for help.

We would like to draw an order and present it jointly with a joint motion so that we can stop the collection from the CS office so I am looking for a sample order. Something I can use to build the proposed motion and order.

We do not want to change custody nor other stuff, simply:
"both parents are taking care equaly of their children together and neither parties shall pay CS to the other and CS office shall stop any and all witholdings on date, ...."

any help ?

leon clugston

the enforcement of an order comes from the application for services, generaly a lawyer, with or without consent from either or both parties will enter in an order for support for the child, this (he or she) is bound to do, because there Oath to the bar association, no state holds the authority to demand for support from either or both parents UNLESS- you or her, whichever is the custodian, apply for any goverment created benefit ie.(child support, medicaid, medicare, food stamps, or some other social security benefit that the child can benfit from).
If any of these items you or her are using, or may use or acquire, it will stop the legality of any agreement you make, and if you or her are presently receiving any of these benefits the state will prohibit you, and will stand against you both in court based on these issues. However if neither of you are excepting or receiving any social security benefits,(all they above are Social Security benefits) then there is no legal way for the state or the judge to enterfere with youre agreement, as per the United States Supreme Court.


well yes ok, I knew this but how do we legaly write and enter this agreement?


Does is go through CSE now? If yes, you  could go down there a request a review to change it. They will give you a court date and you both go and agree to the no money changing hands. If you both agree, then they will accept it. There is probably a way to write it up and both notorize it and have the court accept it...not sure. Call CSE and ask them.

leon clugston

To try to help without overly confuseing the masses, one has to understand there standing as a citizen and under what citizenship they wish to stand.You cannot ask an administrative figmintation, created from an adminstrative law for assistance in writeing or approval of writeings if you want to enforce youre fundamental rights(these are youre constitutional rights, for which no state or congress can abridge)if you want a true agreement between youreselves without state or law interference.
The deffinition of law has many faces, it stands and applies in very many different ways, and to different people in different standings, not all law applpies equaly, and very much law has no application or force against the public(administartive law is one of them, unless you agree to abide by it, under employment, exception of gratuitys, or other means which place you under there direction.Ones standing in citizenship is and has been a constant fight, since the civil war, and many cases in the Supreme Court of The United States is directed torwards this,all under the same question where is the sovereign, and who is the sovereign, and what caused most of us to lose are claimature to the status as a sovereign, leading us to be ruled by agencies, which can consist of one person(prosecuter,judge, and jury).

You can write youre own agreement, you dont have to have a judge rule on it, all you have to do is write it,get it notarized and file it in the court as a public document, and walla it stands, to ask a judge is like asking youre parents for permission which TWO consenting Adults dont have to do, as long as you remember, if you want some pulic created gratuity, the state can and will step in and voiod youre agreement.


Isn't that how you stop most blood suckers?

Oh, sorry. Just read the post. Nothing further to add.
A true soldier fights, not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves whats behind him...dear parents, please remember not to continue to fight because you hate your ex, but because you love your children.


leon clugston

a lawsuit, injuction, complaint and writ of Quo Warranto just filed in the The United States District Court in the State of Alaska (3:06-CV-140) should be the telling of what may be to come, and where we all realy stand and under what citizenship.


please clarify, google didnt do too much for me on this one


please clarify, google didnt do too much for me on this one