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Sep 21, 2023, 06:19:19 PM

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Montana CSED out of control !!! help!!

Started by Inneedofhelp, Apr 26, 2004, 10:00:10 PM

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a letter I wrote to the governor, two senators and every post I can find...
if you have any sugestions please feel free to email me at [email protected]

I am writing you today to ask for your guidance. My mom is Iris xxxxx of Livingston , and My father Bob xxxxxx also of livingston, dad retired from the state last year, and mom worked with your staff on a few things I cannot recall. however, my dilema is this.
In 1990 I graduated from Belgrade HS, and went off to college, later moved to wyoming and even resided in several states. raised two great boys, and basically built a life for myself. been CEO of a childrens foundation, worked for the Fire dept, Lead Four-H, even pastored children in a church in phoenix. and now, In November of last year (2003) I was notified of a woman in billings requesting welfare support for her and her child, when asked to give a potential fathers name she give mine. notice the dates here.... it has been 14 years since I have seen this woman, never knew I had a daughter, and now the state of montana CSED has garnished my wages, and add this daugther to my insurance which upped the premium by 202.00.( the mother never sought after support, the SCED took it uppon themselves to find me.) In a short sentence, the SCED has destroyed my ability to support myself. I am now currently going into debt the 358.99/mo child support order, and the 202.00 insurance premium. totaling 558.99. I was already taking odd jobs to pay my way since my full time employment only paid basic expenses. my two boys now have to deal with the fact this woman gets money we need to live, and they get to see me less and less as a result.
My problem with this whole mess is that after 14 years, I feel I should no longer be financially responsible for this child as long as she resides with her mother. if she wants to come live with me great, I can deal with that. even afford that.
just a quick history of Denver's economic state. median wage is 16.66/hr, I make 12.50. median rent is 1285, mine is 950. average house cost is 369,000.00, I rent.
after taxes and insurance, the child support of my boys, and this woman, I bring in 824.00. this is where the math gets simple...
rent 950, wages, 824.00. need I add in utils, car,gas,phone, FOOD !!!!
My plea to you as senator, make this illegal to do what SCED has done. what is in the best interest of children?? obviuosly not the SCED, they have destroyed my life, my son's lives and probably this little girl who now finds out who her daddy is, Unfortunately, I will now join the ranks of the Deadbeat dads out there, who can't afford to work 40 hours, to just go in debt. my options? limited, jail, at least there I can get a meal, Death, but then noone wins, the courts,(yeh right, haven't helped so far), so, now who suffers?
the kids, not just one... three, whom all were fine before this day, now suffer needlessly, because the state gets greedy.
I wouldn't want to be one of those who lets this continue...do you?

Sincerely, Jim xxxxxx, 1104 main st, louisville, Co 80027