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May 26, 2024, 02:47:29 AM

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Started by tulip, Nov 30, 2003, 07:23:24 AM

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DH has court scheduled on the 10th. He is asking for custody with equally shared parenting time, or joint custody. After saying all along that she will fight him tooth and nail if he takes her to court, bm now has asked dh to make an appt for mediation. Also, she's told him that when they go to court, she is going to tell the judge that she is perfectly willing to give him joint custody. Here's the kicker, though. If she was willing, then why didn't she sign the papers he presented her with months ago? Also,  even though she says she is willing to give dh all this time with his kids now, she refuses to change their busses back. Before school started, dh told her I could not take them to school anymore. She knows he can't because he's at work. So she agreed to have them take the bus from here. Nothing has changed to make it impossible for her to take them to school. She's done with school now so she doesn't have to get up in the morning, so she is refusing to drive them.
DH's affidavit states that if she is willing to go to mediation, he would do that instead of further litigation. Also, his atty sent her a letter stating that if she agreed to mediation, he would agree to the continuance of the court date. He asked for notice in writing, which she has not done, but she has agreed verbally to dh. DH wants to go to court on the 10th, because he wants to at least get the temporary order for joint custody while in mediation. But it is still impossible to have the kids staying here on school nights because of the bus.