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Apr 21, 2024, 01:10:13 PM

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Can anyone tell me

Started by Dibella2, Jan 15, 2004, 01:50:09 PM

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if there is a number or contact, even a website, that might list any and all complaints against a county and it's evaluators or evaluation processes?


I know there is a Board that the expediters and evaluators usually belong to and there are formal complaint forms.  Unfortunately, I missed a meeting last night with a bunch of people where they had these forms available.  
Sometimes these expediters and evaluators are members of the MN State Bar Assoc. because they are licensed mediators.
I will be speaking to one of the people who was at the meeting Tues. night and I will get some info from him on where to send complaints.  I sometimes have a poor memory, so hopefully I'll remember to post the info for you.



The order is pretty bloody obvious! I'd file for a change of custody based on the denials, and the false accusations. The false accusations are criminal and civil violations. Criminal because they are against the criminal code, and civil because they serve to violate the custody order, which is also criminal.