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Apr 21, 2024, 01:18:50 PM

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MN Child Support Division...What a JOKE!!!

Started by hisliltulip, Feb 13, 2004, 09:11:01 AM

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You ALL will love this one...

DH was awarded sole physical custody of ss on 1/6/04. BM was ordered to start paying child support on 2/1/04 (like that will ever happen!).

MNCS continues to garnish DH's wages. His attorney spoke with them on 1/9/04, and 1/23/04 followed up by a fax. I sent them a fax earlier this week of the court order and the copy of the fax that attorney had sent them.

I spoke with someone today, and she said that they are continuing to garnish DH's wages because they are not sure if they BELIEVE THE COURT PAPERS.

Basically, the papers say that DH gets sole physical custody and that BM is to pay CS, but it does not expressly say that DH is to stop paying CS, so they're not sure. They feel they need to talk to the couny attorney office for verification.

DUH! If he has custody, and BM is to pay CS to him, then WHY would he pay HER???? Just because she's a woman on welfare??? Because she'd rather snort every dollar she gets up her nose than care for her son???

I called our attorney and he actually had to put me on hold because he was laughing so hard! He said he knew there were idiots at the CS office, but this one topped the cake. Fortunetly, he said he'll call the county attorney and have him call the CS office directly to put a fire under their rears.





Yeah, you have to make sure you don't leave out little details, like ASKING them to specifically order that he stop paying cs. Hopefully, you can get them to order her to pay back the money your dh wasn't supposed to have paid.

I am getting really pissed at MNCP too. My ex took me to court to get his support lowered because after he chose to quit his job as a heavy equipment operator, he finally came back, went to jail, lost his driver's license, and had to take a job up north for $9/hr. I just got the papers from the court the other day, and not only was his support more than cut in half, but they stated that during the five months in 2002 and 2003 that he was incarcerated, he doesn't have to pay anything. So I suppose they will be removing this amount from his arrears. I can't believe this!

And my DH was told if he quit his job and got one for lesser pay after his cs order, he would go to jail if he didn't keep paying. Now that he lost his job through no fault of his own, he is afraid to tell them because he thinks he's going to get in trouble.

These people are really screwed up. And for some reason, they only screw over the people that actually WANT to take care of their kids.


LMAO - well, sad to say that I'm having a similar "issue".  And they are just idiots.  In January of 2003 I filed a motion to change my divorce decree to state that I carry the medical and dental insurance.  Since my ex was ordered to originally, but never carried.  I did.  I also asked that the cost of the premium (which is quite high) be split between us.  We went to court, my ex agreed to it, he had no problems with it.  The amended order came through.  It went through medical and dental expenses, what I pay per month in premiums and says that both parties are financially able to contribute to these "expenses".  Well!  Apparently, "expenses" in the child support  divisions dictionary does not include "premiums".  Last I looked I pay for these "premiums", which is a monthly unreimbursed "expense" on my part.  But, NO!  Not to them.  I now have to write a letter to the judge we had and request that that specific wording be added........  I wrote a real nice letter to my case worker too.  Even added the Webster's definition for EXPENSE!


My caseworker for my son's case called me last week asking that I please stop calling the CS office and harassing everyone about DH's garnishment.

I informed her that I would not stop calling until they stopped taking money from his check for a child that he has custody of.  Then after discussing my case (that they've sat on since JULY.) we got off the phone.

She called me later that afternoon and informed me that a letter had been sent to DH the day before saying that they were no longer going to garnish his wages until court ordered to do so.

Here is what I find hilarious!  I spoke with DH case worker the morning of the 19th who said that they were going to continue to garnish his wages until notified by the court to stop.  Then I talk to my case worker the afternoon of the 19th and she says letter was sent out on 18th that they will stop.

DH received letter from them this weekend dated the 19th, not the 18th.

Ummm, ya think they maybe lied to me???

Then this morning I called my case worker about my case, and was transferred right to her (again, NEVER happens).

All of a sudden, they know what ex-hub's income is now.

Sooooo, ya think they're sick of hearing from me?  They took care of BOTH our cases now.

I love it!  




Wow!  That's great to hear!!!  Maybe I should try that...


These people are slow as hell, especially if you're not on welfare.

If my being annoying (I like to call it uncharacteristically persistant) hadn't worked, I had told DH that he was heading down there in person to raise a stink the beginning of March.  Luckily, it didn't come to that (he would have had to take the entire day off, something we try to avoid!).

Good luck on your CS adventure!



The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I guess I should start calling my worker everyday. I don't understand why I haven't received a payment since September, but over a month ago, when we were in court, my ex showed the court papers proving he was employed and what his income is. They have not started income withholding yet, apparently. Every time I call my worker, the first thing she says is "Did you call the hotline?" " Yes I did, and they don't tell me WHY nothing is being collected!"