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Parenting time expeditor

Started by Crockpot, Mar 28, 2007, 01:28:06 PM

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Has anyone had to use a parenting time expeditor?  Just wondering about the process.  

My ex and I JUST signed a new order which gives me 1/2 of school breaks.  The order says the time is split in coordination with both parents.  My ex is telling me that I have to take the kids Wed-Sunday.  I'm unable to take Thursday and Friday off from work and gave her two other options.  She basically said, her way or no way.  Since the kids just moved into this school district  and the order was just signed in the last few weeks, Spring break came up without much notice or I would have day care options while I work.  

We have a clause that we'd use an expeditor to decide things that we can't.  I didn't think we'd need it so soon.  The order was just signed last month.  



My husband and his ex were ordered to use a Parenting Time Expeditor also. Ramsey County courts.

Parenting time expeditors are the courts way of delegating little arguments to someone else. They are to help interpret the order in place, and help the parents come to an agreement. If your ex is not very cooperative (as is my husband's) the expeditor probably won't be much help. If she is the one with full custody, then she has the upper hand until the order is clarified. You wouldn't be able to file contempt if she refuses. Even though its been only a few weeks since the order was signed, you could still file a motion to clarify, to have the order more specific. Like, the order could say mom gets the kids 1st half of the vacations, and dad gets the 2nd half, or vice versa.

 You should probably try using the expeditor first though, otherwise the courts will think you didn't even try what they ordered. Then you will have some leverage, saying you tried to work with the expeditor and your ex....and it was your ex who was being uncooperative, hence the need for clarification of the orders.

Oh, and in our case, the expeditor fees are to be split 50/50 between the parties. Sometimes the expeditor will charge whoever he needed to contact to resolve the issue. In this case, it would your ex.

Good Luck!


I have had to use a few parenting time expeditors and they were worthless...just to help you I will give you the names of the truly worthless ones:

BAD: Mind made up in first 5 minutes

Glenda Guthrie Baldwin
Attorney at Law
8404 134th Street Court
Apple Valley, MN 55124

BAD: Took 1400.00 from us combined and didn't do ANYTHING.  Listened to both of us over a course of a month, ate up a 700.00 retainer for each of us, and said she couldn't help us we needed to motion the court...totally a scam artist.  We were actually so pissed off about the money we spent on this lady that we agreed (that is in "together") to get rid of her!

Joyce Grannis
Attorney at Law
412 Southview Blvd, #100
South St. Paul, MN 55075

BAD: Total idiot..seriously run or motion to object to this guy.

David Jaehne,  
60 East Marie #109, West St. Paul , MN 55118  
Phone: 651-457-2827  Fax: 651-457-9887  

GOOD: AWESOME, knows his job and is fair.

Merlyn L. Meinerts
Attorney at Law
350 West Burnsville Parkway
Suite 525
Burnsville, MN 55337

THE BEST EVER: Kinda spendy but I would pick him anyday to do a battle for me and I actually used him as an attorney later on a separate issue..

Michael E. Molenda
Attorney at Law
7300 West 147th Street
Suite 600
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Good Luck.  These people can work in Dakota, Scott and Goodhue Counties.


Sorry I'm getting back to this so late, but thank you very much for the information and references.

Luckily my ex finally agreed to the days I could get off work and I was able to see my kids over Spring break for the first time in years.  

Take care.


If I may add,
Often time this is a stupid game that your Ex plays to feel power. Most often it is a power issue.

I have found that even though none of it is true that when my ex knows that I am in financial difficulties that she pays up easyer than other wise.

That if I turn my sentense something like: oh you were suppose to have the kids this week-end? (even though this is not true) Oh, I made plans, so and so are gona be so disapointed, ..... then she gives me the kid extra time (the fact is I know she has to work and loves it when I can get the kids so she doesn't have to run across town to her mom to drop the kids), ....

Somehow my ex (and seems like yours) is on a power trip. then give her power. Mine can only feel happy in life when I am down so I make her believe I am.

something like:
- I really can't take the kids on thursday and friday I have to work.
- well that's it or nothing
- I really can't, my home is "probably" getting forclosed in the next 6 month, I can't take that chance.
- ok, how about friday after your work then till monday?
- oh perfect that will work. thank you (you are the best ex in wht whole world and I could marry you again NOT :)

I hope that can help