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Getting address from CP

Started by Crockpot, Jun 01, 2007, 12:28:52 PM

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I posted this on Soc's board a while ago but I'm looking for a local perspective.  My SO's ex won't tell us where she and kids are living.  They share legal custody with SO being NCP.  SO called CS office today and she did give them their new address but they won't give it to SO.  As part of the paperwork for their divorce is a copy of the statue that states parents have 10 days to notify each other of new address.  So we know the law is on our side.  

We have a handwritten note from her dated 5/25 that the reason she won't give SO the address is because SO won't give her my last name (great argument!).  SO and I live together and will be married in September.  I've already had to change my cell # because she was sending me inappropriate text messages.  I don't want her bothering me.    

How do we get the address?  Do we have to file for an emergency hearing?  We have her home phone # but it's unlisted and probably in her boyfriends name.  The divorce is in Hennepin, we live in Scott and she lives in Dakota (we know the city name).  Any ideas?  We were thinking of getting it though the schools in the fall but don't want to wait that long.



Well I tried to send you a PM, but you do not have a profile set up.  So I am going to have to post it.

I would be happy to help you out here.  I live in Dakota Cty.  Our BM and now our SM are just as crazy as yours with their reasoning.  You can't very well serve her with any motion papers for contempt either if you don't know her address.  I successfully won my contempt case on my ex for this very same reason.  I also was never allowed the insurance cards also quoted in Appendix A.  His lawyer told him he was an idiot...

Anyway, I have a subscription to a background check site and I could look it up for you.  If the move is fairly recent, it probably won't show up, but  I am very good at digging up information.

As far as holding her address for ransom over what your last name is, this may be easier than you think.  Just give her a fake one...your getting married anyway.

My ex's new wife is an emailer, texter, and a voicemail leaver.  I've changed my phone 5 times.  I feel your pain.

I just looked in my phone book... who would you like to be....Crockpot Anderson, Crockpot Johnson, Crockpot Thompson, or Crockpot Smith?  There is about 400 of each one of those in the book!

Let me know if I can help! Wouldn't it be nice if you showed up on her doorstep and dropped something off for the kids?


I kinda agree with sunshine, just pull a name from the phone book :)

you can maybe follow her home at kids parenting time exchange?
that's what I did with mine.

I also drove my kid in front of daycares to find his daycare: "look papa this is my new daycare" oh really ??!?! :)

This is not very legal but some peoples in the past have called the post office pretending to look for a miss delivered package, ...

if she has a cell phone then you could try to look that up or call her on it then pretend for a bad connection. call her back, again bad connection, .. you are so sorry, .. then ask if she can call you from a landline or you call her to a landline, .... maybe that is listed and you can have the address, ...

if you have the BF's name you can search on that


Sunshine I've sent you a message.  

Funny thing is, BM told SO she knew my last name and even told him what it was. She either forgot it or is using that as a reason to withhold address if ever brought up in court (not quite the same thing!).  I think she got it from a reverse look up on my license plate.  She pronounced it wrong so I think she read it vs hearing it.  BM told SO "don't make me not teach our daughter her new address!"  Assuming we'd put the kids in the middle like she does.  

Thanks for the advice.  I would LOVE to show up at the door!  We know the area they live in (youngest daughter told us they live across the street from a watertower).  I suggested following them after a drop off, but BM does not have a car, and we're dropping off at a friends and they don't go home right away.  It's sill an option though.  



I didn't get a message...

Try this address:

[email protected]

(sunshine1(underscore)[email protected])

That should work better.  I think your PM is disabled


Sunshine, I just sent you an email.  Not sure why PM didn't work, I'll investigate.



portable small GPS logger
you can put it anywhere it is small enough. put it in your dayghter's coat and she won't even know and it's legal it's your daughter then read it
where ever the coat was overnight, ....

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