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May 28, 2024, 06:43:54 PM

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Special Fathers Alert

Started by z24inissan, Dec 31, 2003, 01:05:56 PM

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This is to inform the public that especially fathers the State of Wyoming has the authority to conceal children from the other custodial parent.

The State of Wyoming can activly conceal children from their parents.

The Wyoming Court System will actively aide in the concealment of children from their fathers and aide in there adoption.

My son was abducted by his mother in February 1999, we are to this day still married, in the State of New Mexico you cannot get a divorce with children without notifing the other parent.

Mother concealed the child for 3 years then she abandonded him with the State of Wyoming DFS in January 2002.

Wyoming DFS concealed the child for 7 months from father, Court and decided in January of 2002 that the child was to be adopted.

Wyoming caseworker decided the future of my son then concealed him for 7 months without judicial approval.

In July 2002 I was notified of my son being in DFS custody and told that I was no longer his dad since it had been so long without contact.

Wyoming DFS asserted that I didn't look hard enough for him, that I hadn't supported him for years and was not fit due to disability.

Wyoming Statutes don't apply unless you  can afford an attorney the judge has denied counsel, a jury trial.  fathers income is just over half the Federal HHS poverty income for 1 at $ 743.00 per month.

This is a true story that is still going on the Laws and Statutes don't apply to the state employee's.

Judges have asserted that a disabled man that is medicated can defend himself but this same man cannot care for a child.


  just checked and here is the status of LB 505.

Year   Month   Day   Action                                           Journal Page
2005   Jan.    14   Read first time                                  247
2005   Jan.    19   Referred to Judiciary Committee       280
2005   Feb.    16   Notice of hearing (2/24)             534
2005   Mar.    15   Speaker priority bill                         870
2006   Jan.    4   Title printed. Carryover bill                45
2006   Apr.    13   Indefinitely postponed                    1680