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Jul 19, 2024, 08:56:15 PM

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Motion hearing got twisted by ex's false allegations ending with suspended visitation

Started by Beated up in NJ, Jan 08, 2005, 04:36:46 PM

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Beated up in NJ

   For your help and knowlege anybody in NJ. My ex has been toying with me for the past 3 years of the divorce, the usaul, visitation threats, "where's my money"......  Rescently, in june 04, my Fiance and I were looking to purchase a house. (my name is still on the previous marritable property) When we sought out for the mortgage, the mortgage company had atlerted me that, I could not get a mortgage due in fact that the ex was 3 months behind on her mortgage payment. being current on my child support and allimony at this time. I filed a motion Pro Se to enact a provision, in the divorce decree, for forced sale of the property and change of pick up and drop off of the children, as that it was an hour and a half from my present area, also I was doing it all my shelf.                                                                                                 This motion hearings are far from being over. As her 1st cross motion and certification were filled of SUCH FALSE ALLEGATIONS as that I am not a respondsible father, my fiance and I are alcholics, the kids don't want to be with me and a whole lot more penny anny nonsence. she was seeking to terminate my visitation rights.                                      The hearings went over a course of 4 hearings from Sept. to Dec. and another scheduled for this week. can any body out there help me with the following I am motioning to move this to plenary hearing now. 1) A GREAT attorney in union county NJ   2) CASE LAWS and RULINGS or RULES on: A) Reclaiming from the ex cobra medical benefits that I payed of the spit amount of $3000+ for the benefit of the childrens medical, in the private sector. B) Reclaiming from the ex an IRS Tax penalty of the split amount of $5000+ That I had payed to liquidate my pension to pay off our joint credit card debt as per our divorce decree. C) The marrigable house value was Fixed at $200,000 at time of divorced, (I had up dated that house over the 12 years we were married) It is now valued at $400,000, if you allow for a 10% percent realestate increase consecutively for 3 years base on the origional amount of $200,000 it would equal $266,000. and if you subtract it from todays market price of $400,000 , You will get a figure of $134,000 that the ex and her paramour would recieve. Being that I surrender this property for the childrens sake only, for their familiar surroundings and non transfer of schooling only. COULD'NT THIS BE ORDERED TO BE IN TRUST FOR THE CHILDREN ??     D) Having the ex to seek evaluation as she is deliberatily alienating the children from their father, such as she had cancealled her long distanace phone services, DENYS the children to use their Christmas gift from their father and others.......                PLEASE HELP IF YOU HAVE ANY ABOVE EXPERIENCE   THANK YOU SO MUCH!


its hard to say what to do looking at a copy of your divorce will tell you
and how you can interpit. but if you filed a quick claim deed you should be off the mortgage is this not the case?