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Jul 19, 2024, 08:16:05 PM

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Started by impressivedjq, Mar 20, 2004, 02:42:37 PM

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Beated up in NJ

    Amen, to your patition! After 3 years of a completily joyful divorce. I am getting the life beat out of me by the womens allegationd. I'm here to seek help from those unfortunate others like me any thing I can help with?


get a slap on the wrist too!!!!!

I am in Sussex County, New Jersey (our case used to be in Morris County).  My ex does nothing for our daughter.  He doesn't even try.  Everytime I go to court, the judge tells me "you can't get blood from a stone"!

It's not really that the courts are biased against men.  The courts only go after those GOOD fathers who are trying their best to pay their child support and do right by their children.  Men like my ex who do NOTHING for their children and don't even try to pay their child support get away with it!!!  My ex is now in prison (for 3 years) because he tried to cash his girlfriend's unemployment check.  He petitioned the court to stop the child support while he was in prison.  It was granted.  He doesn't have to pay any child support for three years (it doesn't go into arrears either)!  I don't get it!!!  His children still eat, need clothes and need medical help while his is in prison.  I understand that he can't pay while he is in prison, but the cs should still add up so he can make it up when he gets out!!!  The whole CS system is unfair to those of us (men AND women) who are taking care of our children and trying to do what's best for them.  Those losers who don't even TRY to take care of their children get away with it!!!


Nj is the most unfair and the most greediest state in the union.  There is A class-action lawsuit filed by the NCPs' in 40 states including NJ.  Lets make them explain their actions that we all know are unfair and unconstitutional.  But we need voices,we need Jersey to know whats going on in Family court,because no one is immune too their unfair treatment.  Tell people about this wed-site,tell them to post(state forum-NJ) and tell them it's for our family.  We need numbers for them too hear us...(THE POWERS THAT BE) there is more of us then there are of them,plus we are the people-their boss-if they dont commit to a fairer system---VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!  For that to be real we need numbers.  We can do this New Jersey, only thing that stops us is opportunity and air.                                                             Q.