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Dec 10, 2023, 06:40:24 PM

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Child support issues...please HELP!!!!!

Started by Niteryder315, Mar 16, 2009, 11:09:16 AM

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Well, I will try and explain this without going to far into detail. This is out of Hunterdon county. First, I just had my "3 year" child support review. They came up with an amount of $325 a week. I also had to put him under my health insurance. Where I work we have a 3-on/4-off, 4-on/3-off...schedule. On my 3 day work week, I take home (after taxes) about $440. On my 4 day work week, I take home about $640.

This support order is for ONE kid. I simply don't know what to do. I can't even afford to survive on that amount! He is the only child I have. I was never married and do not owe any "back" child support. I do have a court date on the 12th of December in front of a hearing officer to see if it should be recalculated.

Also, my son is 4 1/2 years old, and I live in NH. I am looking for any advice I can get...and if this amount seems right? From asking around, it seems that most people in my salary range pay roughly $150 a week for one child. It puts me in a tough position, because I can not afford to lose $325 a week for CS. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to pay rent, car payment...etc.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please spare me the "deadbeat" comments. I love my son with all my heart, but at that amount I wouldn't even be able to afford the trip to Jersey to see him. Thanks.


OK - so i dont understand that you have a court date in December????? It's only April. That is NOT the way NJ schedules their CS hearings. They are usually 3 - 4 weeks out. Many questions for ya. And - yeah - i am NOT going to deadbeat dad you ....however, you must answer honestly or I won't have any answers for you. Believe ME when I tell you BTDT...you can ask anyone on this board my integrity / knowledge of the newfuC*yahnewjersey type courts.

What does the mom do for work?
Just what IS your income? And, if you pay health insurance, that is supposed to be calculated in the *cost* of the CS order. BUT, have you ckd NH laws / or YOUR health insurance for children that live out of state from YOU? ie: we live in NV and NJ has the court case. NV says NO NO NO NO NO way is a parent to provide health insurance for a kid that is not visiting / or living with the NCP. So, the X egg donor had to provide insurance.

Provide more factual information to provide real answers.
The *3* year cola is going to take place. Your egg donor doesn't have to ask for it. NJ does it all on their own. So, what was the CS order prior to the COLA?


That is factual. The LAST court date I had was in Nov or December of 2008. His mother is a teacher. My income this year will probably be $40,000 at best. I also had to pick up his health care coverage.