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Sep 25, 2023, 03:02:42 AM

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Getting back tax return applied to CS you don't owe

Started by stepmom2morgan, Aug 31, 2005, 09:31:42 AM

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My dh is behind in CS so they garnished our tax return. No big deal except they did not immediately apply it to his arreage. They say they have to wait 6 months because, as his spouse, I have 6 months to fight it. I don't want to fight it but there doesn't appear to be any way for me to make that clear to them. So there is $1900 out there just floating around. BM doesn't get it, we don't get it. It's so stupid I could scream. Anyway, we plan to have at least half of what he owes paid down way before the 6 months is up. I don't think we will owe nearly $1900 by the time they can apply it. So my question is what happens to the money that is left over from that $1900 after they apply what's necessary to clear his arreage? Say there's $500 left over. Will we get that back or will they credit it to his account or what? BTW, we live in Miami County. Thanks!

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Whatever you do, don't go into an overage.  You will not get the money back until the child is 18.  Find out how much you owe, subtract the amount they took from your tax return and then just pay back that amount in the next 6 months.  

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P.S., I'm in Montgomery County and my MIL lives in Miami county in Troy!

sherrie ohio

It's been a couple of years back, but they let me come into the office and sighn a form stateing i wouldnt fight it and it was aplied in 30 days.