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Sep 25, 2023, 02:20:13 AM

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Does anyone know much about........

Started by sherrie ohio, Nov 04, 2005, 08:08:07 AM

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sherrie ohio

Does anyone know much about tax laws?My husband pays support year round/every year without delay for his daughter.We have never been able to claim her on our tax return.BM countless new husbands/boyfriends have every year.Most only work a month or two out of the whole year.How can it be legal for these people to be even getting this much back,working such a short time?Drawing help from the goverment.I'm talking 4 or 5 thousand each tax return.When my husband pays extra every year in support,buys school clothes and countless other items through the year.I know this sounds terible to some that im wineing about it.But it gets upsetting,new-S-dad work three weeks this year,and theyll get their useal 4 or 5 thou.And we'll see hardly anyhting spent on her,if anything at all!And countless items for the S-dad an BM.Were when we get our tax return any and all money we receive for our child goes on our child.And it would be the same for her.I guess this post became a vent along with questions.Sorry!!!!



I know the rules on this one.  If she has custody, she gets to claim them unless it's in your court order that you get to claim them or she signs a certain tax form that allows you to claim them.  I know, it sucks and it's not fair, but those are the rules.  We have it in our court order that we claim the kids.  BM doesn't work and hasn't for a while, so we got to claim them.  She tries every once in a while to get them again, but she still doesn't have a job, so she doesn't pay taxes (although it would be nice for her husband if she could claim them).

I would suggest start paying just your child support and anything court ordered.  Anything extra, let BM pay for.  It may sound mean, but it's a way to make it a little more fair.  

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sherrie ohio

I cant beleive the state lets them collect this amount of a return when their getting state aid.She never worked and these men at the most work 2 months out of the year.And i dont know how this happen with support but he his court ordered to pay a set amount every year.But when you add up what they take out each month he's paying two months extra.And they said it has to stay that way to keep him from haveing arrea's?Sometimes I feel like i'm on the
jerry.springer show...........................


I don't blame you for needing to vent!  I'm getting very frustrated with the laws myself


The laws suck.  They are so skewed in the CP (read: mother 99% of the time) that it's rediculous!  We have it in our court order that we get to claim my SD every other year but it's hardly even worth the hassle.  You have to send in all this extra paperword to prove you have the right to claim her.  Because she doesn't live with us 50% of the year (like that was our choice) she doesn't count in the way that my son counts.  (I'm not sure all the correct terminology).  We don't get even half of what we get back for claiming our son.  Who cares that my son doesn't even have a room because the bedroom in our 2 bedroom half-double already belonged to her when he was born and we didn't want to kick her out of it and we can't afford anything bigger.  Who cares that our SD has all the clothes and toys that she would have if she lived with us full-time.  Who cares that WE and only we are the ones carrying medical insurance on her.  Meanwhile her mom gets to stay at home, keep spitting out babies that live in the house that she owns and drive her 2004 Entourage around.  Argh.

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