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Jun 15, 2024, 12:14:29 PM

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Divorce for disabled Veteran

Started by rasaban, Feb 12, 2005, 08:29:13 PM

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 I  own a small home in oregon VA mortgage (1000 MONTH ) and want to know if my STBX can take my home ANd/or used my VA benifits for CS .

 My situation is as follows .....My STBX and I have been separated about 18 months she had an affair (very jerry Springer like) before she left. We have an 11 year old. We have been married about 13 years. She has a PHD which she just finish 2 week before she left me taking my son with her to Florida (3000 miles away) I am still in the house we brought 3 years ago (VA loan ,modest house very modest both names on the loan)
I plan to file for divorce soon. MY wife is an asst professor and make about 45-50,000 yearly. I made 9,000 last year. I am receiving 108 dollars a month from VA, but expect that to increase greatly soon.

 I didn't contest the separation. She sent me $500 a month for a year. But only agree to let me see my son twice a year. She has boyfriend sleeping over. And has another here in town that she sees when she brings my son here.

  I Just  want to keep the house and not pay her alimony but maybe some CS. She's a DEMON