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Started by holsingerboys, Aug 31, 2004, 11:53:49 AM

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My kids were taken from there mother and placed into foster care. We had joint custody. The goal is to have them here with me and my fiance, ss says. But since none of my rights have been terminated, what are my rights with my kids, since there in foster care. I am still paying child support but the mother is not, and she is working. Can they leave out of state? DO i have any say with medical and school stuff? Like can they just put my kid on some medication without even consulting with me?



                I too live in virginia.  As a parent you have every right to access all medical and school records.  They only  they can stop you is if there is a court order in place that say  you cant not access these.  Have you contacted social services to see about getting custody or visitation of your kids ?  

Usually social services trys to put the children with family when taken from parents, but since they were not taken from you, i see no reason why you should not have them.  Keep on them about this.  If they ask you to attend parent class or such do so, it will look really good on you in court.



You have to actually file for custody in VA, since that is where the kids reside..what county ( if you dont mind) I am in VA too. there are links to forms by county thats why I ask


I live in pwc. We have regular weekly visits(unsupervised) the goal from what we have been told is to have them here. But so far the ss workers have said its our job to get the medical and school, but i am running into problems there. There foster mom said its ss jobs, that they have to do it, but our past 2 ss workers said it was our job. The foster mom said since there in foster care, there the property of the state, even though no rights have been taken and won't be.



AS to the medical and school Send a letter certified return reciept to the Foster parent, CC to the SS worker, to your attorney,To the schools, and to the clerk of courts that is hearing the case Assuming you have a case pending.. If not you need to file for one.