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Started by Lucee, Feb 13, 2007, 10:28:06 AM

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Thanks for the reply mamacass. My sister does have a lawyer now. When they went to court in Dec., the judge is the one that ordered the visitation. The dad picks her up at the jailhouse and if my sister doesn't let  him have her, she goes to jail. She even has to go if she is sick, the judge said to just send her meds. He doesn't want to hear anything about the dad being under investigation. They go back to court in a couple of months. If the judge doesn't stop this crazy visitation , we need to know who to notify to lodge a complaint against the judge, and the GAL . Do we contact our congressman, attorney general, governor, or who to get justice for this little girl? It is tearing her apart, she hates her dad and hates to go to visit because he treats her like dirt: telling her that he hates her and wishes she was dead. I feel like there is just no hope anymore, all we can do is pray.


quick question for you- what part of Virginia are you in?
This doesn't seem right to me.  Who told your sister they would just throw her in jail if she doesn't bring the child to visitation?  From what I understand, you have to have a charge against you in order to be put in jail.  And in your situation, the father would have to take you to court on a show cause in order to get you charged with contempt.  Contempt charges are hard to prove, especially if the mom can show a good reason why she didn't send the child.  Also, I've heard of people getting a contempt charge for withholding visitation (but it wasn't the first time, it had become a long pattern), and even then they didn't get jail time, bust a slap on the wrist and a warning.  
My advice at this point would be to put the child in therapy.  The therapist can then testify to the court how the child feels about her father.  She can also recommend supervised visits.  
Also, if the situation at the dad's house is that bad, call social services/ child protective services.  If I remember correctly, you said there were drugs at dad's house, and if that proves to be true, it will be very difficult for him to get any visits unless supervised.