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Jul 19, 2024, 09:07:18 PM

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Started by almostastepmom, Dec 01, 2003, 03:00:36 PM

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We are currently looking for a good lawyer for Washington State.  He/she has to be on the fathers side and most be unbelivable at their job.  We are going to need it.


we have one what county is your court in???


We live in King county, but the mother and divorce decree were filed in Pierce County..... Do you know if we have to file all paper work with the Pierce county court or can we do it in King?


Papers would need to be filed in Pierce County

My dh's  atty is in Pierce County and has really good rates and its great. His name is Jay Mills his # 253-284-0802

Let me know if you hire him, I think you will really like him, I was referred to him by another member here at SPARC who actually had 3 bad atty's before hiring Jay.


I thank you for the info, We will look into him ASAP.
Thanks again


Seeing as you got a referral, could you give a brief update on how you found the lawyer?  I will eventually be heading into the waters in king County after finishing up here (overseas) so would be interested.

Also, anybody know any decent Child Psychologists in the Seattle area (Vashon Island would be most helpful).  Am pursuing a Parental Alienation case and the Court hear is going to want to hear from a professional.


I was referred to this attorney by another member from this site who also uses him.  He is great but not sure if he works in King County or not, but you could always call and see.