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May 21, 2024, 07:54:29 AM

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They keep trying to change school district on the kids.

Started by Mick, Jan 25, 2005, 02:54:05 PM

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My case is in Wisconsin in a very small but wealthy town.

I need help on how to put an end to the continued petitions of my ex-wife and her new husband (a heart doctor) to change the school district of our children.  This seems like it can never end.  We were in court in April, May, June, July, and in August the ruling was that the children remain were they are.  The GAL had recommended that the children stay where they are for two years and then at which time they would switch to the school district of my ex-wife's choice.  The Judge prociding could not rule that because case law shows that no one can rule on the best interest of the children two year in the future.  Therefore, the ruling kept the children in the same school.  Now the GAL has set forth a motion of her own which as for her revised recommendation to be heard.  And that is, that the minor children, ages 7 and soon to be 9, be moved to the other school district immediatly.  Her reasoning is that there is too much turmoil happening between the parents on where they will play extra curricular activities.  

The children have always played hockey and danced in the school district which is the where they currently attend school.  Now their mom refuses to bring them to these functions as she did for the last two years.  She claims that the drive is too far now and the kids will be attending her school of choice in two years anyway.  

The GAL has never tried to speak with myself on this matter or any person who may beleive the kids should stay where they are.  Furthermore, she has many times met with my ex-wife and is believing that there is great turmoil going on.

Is there any way I could get some input on how to stop this maddness?  I am in court continually for almost 5 years now and have ran bills up to the tune of $80,000.  The kids say they definetly wish to stay where they are and continue sharing 50% placement with their mom; however, that are beginning to put the heat on their mom to drive them to their functions that she used to always take them to.  



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