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Jun 15, 2024, 02:46:31 PM

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Messy divorce dealings in Lincoln County!!

Started by mousemouse2, Jul 01, 2009, 11:30:27 AM

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First of I would like to say my brother is going thru a divorce. His soon to be x wife wants him never to see the kids again and has done everything in her power including lie to make that happen. This is no ordinary case and everything I am about to say can be backed up with paperwork which I will provide via email for anyone who asks to see it. I want to get my brothers story out there so that people know the injustices that occur in Lincoln county.

Before I begin I would like to state that both his wife's mother and cousin do work in the Lincoln county sheriffs department. I am no way implicating them on anything but what has been admitted thru investigations. You can be the judge on if you would think they are involved in these injustices. I am only going to touch base on the basics and the things I have facts to back up. I put all minor details in this I would be writing a novel.

First off I would like to say his wife was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict before they met. During the time they were dating she continued to stay on the wagon.(they dated for 5 years and had 2 kids before they married. A few months before they got married she started to drink and smoke pot ( I was a witness to her smoking the pot and can tell you who she smoked it with and where she got it from). After they got married she continued this behavior. A few months into the marriage she had a lot of surgeries and many complications which caused her to have to take pain meds which in my opinion she got addicted to also. She also she started to smoke pot.

I am also not into bashing her completely so will say that she was a good mother and took care of their finances awesomely until she started these behaviors.

After about a year of marriage she claimed my brother was suicidal and tried having him committed. My brother willingly talked to everyone he was suppose to and they came to the conclusion that he was not suicidal and did not require and intervention Which we all knew. The only thing in there lives going on at that point was financial hardship which we all go through at one point or another in our life time. At this point she was doing certified daycare for my children. I was starting to have worries about their care and her own children's care at this point. She would have her 1 ½ year old locked on the deck when I would arrive in the morning and say she was dirty. I would come back to her house and find my own children locked outside on occasion also. After a while this got worse and she had called and made a false report to my daughters guardian ad litum stating that my house was dirty, when if fact I had just moved to the house I was living a few days earlier...of course its messy nothings completely put away yet. In all this mess she also told me she believed my daughter had been molested by her fathers son and had made a report about it with my blessing because if some thing had happen I wanted to find out if it was true.( I am not saying that his son is an angel because he is not...but my daughter has been to many therapists, specialists and had a vaginal examination done and they all conclude that he had done nothing to her)

About two months after I removed my children from her care she left my brother when he went up north from a hunting trip, telling him she thought he was cheating on her. He came back to the house and found she was gone and filed for divorce the next day because he was tired of the drinking, spending money on her drinking and the treatment of the children. The day after she got served with divorce papers she filed restraining orders on my brother stating he had molested her 17 year old sister, molested his girls and raped her 100 times during marriage. He accepted the restraining orders figuring this shit would be cleared up in no time. He was also investigated for all the false allegations and all of them were unfounded. When his wife made these false allegations she had also told social services that they investigated my brother for molesting his niece. Which she had made the accusation to social services that my daughter was molested by her dads son. This is just the start of all the lies that she has said. She also stated to the social worker that she didn't know if anything happen and just wanted the truth and if he didn't good. Shortly after that statement she started getting all angry and saying that the system is failing her and her children and he needs to be in jail. One of the girls was taken to the doctor and was found to have a common yeast infection.

After all that stuff she put off tons of court dates depositions ect. Finally my brother got into the family court commissioner and she did not show again. The family court commissioner decided to proceed without her present. He had given my brother every other weekend supervised to protect him from any further false allegations. Our family picked up the girls for the weekend. At all times there were 3 adults around my brother and at most times there were 7 of us. At no time was my brother alone with his children. The women involved in supervising this visit did all of the changing of clothes, diapers and any personal hygiene that was provided to these girls, to ensure that she couldn't pull any false allegations. Well to our dismay she filed false allegations once again on this first weekend he had visitation. The police actually took the children's clothing and sent them in for testing. Our family and any one at that visit including my brother was never ever question. This occurred in July of 2008. One of the detectives that seen the girls said to social services that he felt the girls were well rehearsed. Then who the hell sent the clothes down if they felt no crime was committed. After all of this and you think it cant get worse it does. The misplaced the clothes that were suppose to be sent in. So March of 2009 many months later the clothes were finally sent in. This leaves the girls with out their father for many months for no reason what so ever. To top it all off all of the supervisors to this visit were required to give their DNA up. Well the DA has the report and has to decide if she should be charged with anything for her lies?? Wondering if he will do the right thing? So the drama continues.

Now if you were thinking this was the end of the story there were some more parts that I left out from the middle. My son had a incident which had to be reported to the sheriffs department. It was nothing big and no one was in trouble it he had an accident. 2 days later my brothers wife had the confidential report on the incident....how did she get the report my son is a minor. Oh that's right she has people in the sheriffs department....what a crock! The sheriffs department even admitted to there being a breach of confidentiality...but alas nothing happen oh slap on the had and be good. Give me a break!!

There was also an incident where my there were to serve my brother papers. You would think this is an easy task since they know where he lives. No instead of waiting to serve them some bone head from the sheriffs department calls Door County Sheriffs department where my grandparents live and say they feel a my brother is hiding at my 80 year old grandparents home and has a warrant out for him. First off there was no warrant only papers to be served. Two Door County acted before checking on the warrant and threatened to put my grandparents in jail if there were harboring a fugitive. What fugitive its only to serve papers

There was another incident where she wanted to come back into the house for the 4th time saying she had more stuff there. There was nothing at the house that was hers but LCSD once again backs her. They call us repeatedly saying we have to let her in. My brother was not home we were waiting for him and the doors where locked to the house for obvious reason. I was very to the point with the officer there was no way. He told me she could break down there door and even take my brothers underwear and there was nothing we could do. She had left the house months prior to this. She has no right unless the court order states otherwise and she has no right to my brothers belongings unless the court order states. Well this officer who is unknown since when ever we asked his name just kept talking, called us over 4 times and never sent an officer. Isn't it protocol on all incidences to sent an officer especially when we are refusing to do what the officer says.

There are even more document incidences which I have proof on and many more of her lies I can prove through court records. I am willing to send via email all the evidence backing what I say up to anyone interested in this.

Who is the victims here My brother and my nieces not her!!!