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Jun 17, 2024, 09:40:26 AM

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International Parental Kidnapper wanting sole custody transfer

Started by Camp77, Aug 25, 2009, 11:36:58 AM

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  I have two children to a woman that I was never married to, we were in the middle of paternity/custody case and juvenile court (DCF) when she fled the country to Germany.  It took over a year to find her.  I initiated the Haque Convention Treaty; however, my representation over in Germany did not have any knowledge of the Haque Treaty and I was ordered to sign a letter that would drop the warrants that were placed for the mothers arrest.  I did not do this with the advice of my council in the states and I left the country without my children.  However, during the time I was in Germany, my attorney in the states went to court and I was awarded SOLE PARENTAL CUSTODY of my two children.  She appealed it here in the states from Germany and the appellate court still awarded me custody.  She then attempted to have it heard in the Supreme Court.  They flat out refused and up held the lower court order.  The appeallate court had ordered her to return the children to my custody within 30 days and they never happened.  During the long and drawn out battle, I was broke.  I had no more funds to continue, fastforward to 8 years later, I was served a Summons week ago to appear in a German court for a Custody hearing.  She was pissed that I refused to sign and allow the childrens passports to be renewed.  The only way for her to get them is to show a court order where she has Sole Custody.  SOOOOO, I have gone to an attorney here again, and I am completely broke, but was able to come up with the consultation fee and they are stating that I will probably have to travel, retain a German attorney and still have papers filed here.  How in the world can I afford all this>>I am married with a child and this will result in changing everyones entire life....I am only a paramedic and I save lives on a daily basis, but no one is here to save mine.  I am fearful that my home, will be jeopardized.  How can this happen.  Who has jursidiction in this case.  I really is a difficult and unique case I have been told.  Who has the children's best interest at heart??  I have never forgotten them, I talk to my daughter about them, they come up in conversation all the time, we find pictures online from friends of her's who visit them but we do not have any communication with them due to the mother moving around, not sharing email address, or phone numbers.  How do I protect myself from this and my family.  I really am at a loss<<<<  Any directional help will greatly be appreciated. Any advocacy groups that might beable to help would also be great.