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Jul 18, 2024, 08:17:42 AM

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Child Support and custody

Started by kikinguel15, Oct 13, 2009, 06:41:46 AM

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If a parent in new jersey gives up their legal custody to their child can a court still order to garnish his/her wages for child support. My fiance hasn't seen his kids in 7 years (not by choice) yet his ex wife is still sucking child support from him, even though she said she don't want the money, she just prefers him to suffer. we have a child to be born next month and are about to be homeless because new jersey is taking over 50 percent of his wages.....Can he give up his part of custody and his wages will not be garnished anymore? (not sure how it works in new jersey, you can do that in the state we live in now)


No, he cannot.  The only way he would get out of supporting his child is if there is a stepfather in the picture who wants to adopt the child.   

If the mother isn't following the court order regarding parenting time, then the father needs to consult with an attorney to see how he can enforce it.