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May 26, 2024, 12:59:22 AM

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Child support modification hearings

Started by JoshScot31, Oct 19, 2009, 02:21:53 PM

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I am a 31 y/o father of a 12 y/o son. He lives with his mother and stepdad. I am paying $817.00 per month for support now. I have sent paperwork away to try and get that reduced. My son wants to live with me during the summers. The mother does not want me in his life and would prefer that his stepdad adopt him. I will not let this happen, although I cannot afford an attorney if needed? I have although hired one to sit down with me and talk about how to fill out all the forms relating to the hearing for modification. This will be a one hour session. I am a good father and want to also know how to get a parenting plan drawn up. I have been put by the wasteside when it comes to raising my son and need some changes to happen.


You didn't say which county you resided in, nor where your child and mother reside.

Some counties are better than others.

http://www.courts.wa.gov/forms/?fa=forms.static&staticID=14 (http://www.courts.wa.gov/forms/?fa=forms.static&staticID=14)

http://www.courts.wa.gov/forms/ (http://www.courts.wa.gov/forms/)

Those pages should have all of the forms that you should need.  Some counties have additional forms and procedures. 

Listen to that lawyer.  He/she will have pearls of wisdom if you will listen.  There is a certain way that things are done and that too varies by location and commissioner/judge. 

Here's a good site out of the UK, which has some parenting plan guidelines along the 50/50 shared parenting concept.  They are for informational use only.  You can and should be flexible as needed.

http://www.spig.clara.net/ (http://www.spig.clara.net/)

Don't get your hopes up, but don't be totally negative either.  The parenting plan is something that you really need to think about and put some reasonable thought into the development of your parenting plan. 

Don't worry about your son being adopted out, she needs you to agree to that.  So you will always have your son.  Even if you can't be there now or when you would like to be there for him.  Take a moment and really appreciate the beauty that you have in your child.  Be thankful and respectful.

It's about time.

It's ...

http://www.geopics.net/fathertime (http://www.geopics.net/fathertime)
Enjoy some music.


You didnt say why you were trying to reduce your child support, but there has to be a valid reason to do this. (job loss...).  If you haven't had a change in circumstance, the courts are highly unlikely to reduce it.

Additionally, children have no say at all in situations regarding custody and parental time sharing.   You didn't say, but what is your custody arrangements now?


Mom of two said:

"Additionally, children have no say at all in situations regarding custody and parental time sharing."


After the age of 12?  I'm pretty sure that here in Yukima the commissioner's listen to a child's wishes.  Although, they may not do exactly what the child wants, they do listen.  So your statement in regards to "no say at all in situations regarding custody and parental time" is incorrect, in my opinion.  I am not an attorney or liewyer.