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Jul 18, 2024, 03:51:18 AM

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Phone visitation

Started by thenzie, Dec 13, 2009, 01:26:32 PM

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I have court orderd phone visitation with my daughter in california Tuesdays, Wed, and thursdays, also my daughter can call me anytime she wants. I pay for the house phone but her mother unplugged it from the wall, also I provide a court orderd cell phone but her mother wont let her use it. We have only talked twice in the last six weeks. I am heading back to court again. Why wont the police enforce my court orders that she and I agreed too?   


The Police rarely get involved in family matters. If you can get them to take a report you are lucky.

When you go back to court, ask for more specified orders. Exact times you can call not just days...like "Tues, wed, thurs, nights from 7pm -8pm. If the child can not get to phone, child will return call asap that night and can have 30 minutes uninterrupted. Also state that the cell phone is for child to contact father as she wishes according to court documents and that mother may not take away phone or shut it off as punishment.
Ask that if this order is not followed that she will pay your lawyer fees and time off of work if you have to file another contempt hearing. (you may get this for this hearing if you ask for it...)

Does the mother give any reason to why she is not allowing these phone calls?