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Apr 19, 2024, 01:31:46 AM

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Wrongly charged, not allowed to defend

Started by Expose, May 04, 2011, 07:34:47 AM

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   A riekki master/minister/cousin/childhood friend.....After 7 months of trying to get my money back from her put a protection order on me. Case took place in Belfast Maine they are NOT user friendly by any means for the good and honest peeps. Judge spoke from her bench, leaving us on benches,would not let me make any educated decisions by cutting me off, and going back to her question that I needed to know more about. Had a witness with me. Night b4 court date I got a call from Sheriffs dept. telling me I was guilty. I was not allowed the regular procedure by any means I had a file with me if I was allowed to do so I may have not been charged.This stays on my record for the rest of my life and I am the good guy.HELP!!!!!!!!!There is also a conflict of interest in the sheriff Dept.I am sure,so they are mad at me for calling to ask who it was that called me from there and told them I could not hear most of what he was saying because he was on a cell phone....I am paranoid and physically ill with sickness that are activated by stress'


I have no advice...sorry...

Did want to let you know, though, that this board is divorce, custody, child support, etc...Not sure if they will be able to help with this issue.