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Dec 09, 2023, 04:07:46 PM

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Child Support questions

Started by wife1, Oct 17, 2011, 09:14:44 AM

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In NC we're supposed to submit tax returns (my guess is to prove that there isn't more than one job or that the paystubs that are submitted are pretty average and not the lowest available).  I submitted mine, however my ex never submitted his.  Also, he was asking for credit for his daughter with his new wife.  Her income was accepted without question, no w-2's, no paystubs.  Unfortunately for her, I had copies of her stuff and was able to prove that she had altered her information in order to increase my ex's liability for the daughter, decreasing his available income for his sons.  (This, on top of his hiding income (regular, not overtime) of holiday pay, weekends and bonus.)  I had copies of the paystubs from when we were married showing that it was normal and required. 
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Make-up time can be: all summer from day child gets out to the week before school starts, all of spring/winter break (usually a week off of school).

If she did not send kids, then you can ask for make-up time and that she pays for flights since she did not send them.

Look at the school calendar, should be online. See when they have a week off, usually around feb and easter here. Also, thanksgiving and christmas have quite a few days off too.