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Jul 23, 2024, 04:50:09 AM

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Ex-Wife Revenge on the StepMother

Started by HopelessWV, Jan 12, 2012, 01:50:21 PM

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My husband's ex-wife hates me...I mean "wants me dead, hates me"...because of her feeling about me, she has done everything from contacted my family, sends notes in the childs over night bag, emails after he is returned claiming neglect, and kept him from visiting. 

She tries to control what goes on inside my house and when my husband doesn't respond to her demands, she drags us into court by fabricating evidence and or claims of harresment from me.  Now we are in court again because she is mad over what room her son is sleeping in...she filed claims of neglect had our house inspected and us interviewed.  We passed with flying colors.  Not good enough, at the premilinary hearing her attorney (we don't have one cause of all the money we have going out) claimed that the high conflict wasn't because of her and my husband but because of me. 

Apparently she has been pulling posts off my husband and my facebook page that I have made and is claiming they are about her.  She is blocked and my page for the most part is locked down.  Now I am not part of any Parenting Plan nor is there a court order forbidding me of doing anything never the less I am sure some of the things I post could be taken the wrong way, but they were never intended for her eyes anyway.

I feel so bad and when my husband tried to defend me and accused her of stalking me, the judge justified her actions by saying she was just collecting evidence...We go to trial in March...for an opionon I posted on facebook...is there anything I can do to protect myself from this women...she wants me to pay for destroying her life...I am afraid that one day she will bring me up on neglect charges and put me in jail so that she can get me away from my husband...I have tried to find a law here in WV, but it seems there is nothing to protect a Stepmother from an Ex-Wife....help! 


Collect the letters, save emails, texts, and let phone go to voicemail. Once she threatens YOU in anyway, YOU can file a restraining order against her. This will keep her away from you.
Until court, I would delete your facebook account. Not worth it.
A lot of ignoring but it is hard when you are in the middle of trial.

You can ask that pick ups be at school or daycare so she is not there. If your husband can do exchanges without you, do that ( maybe he can have someone else there). Protect yourself, tape all exchanges. You can ask to do exchanges in police parking lot too.

If his ex is like ours, she grills kids when they came home and finds at least one thing to complain about. Just try to ignore, take lot of pictures of normal stuff, baking cookies, playing board games, going to park. In court, bring pictures of his current room, enter them into evidence.

You are her target so take you away a little. You should not be answering her at all, talking on phone, sending letters back to her. Just laugh at her craziness and move on. If it gets ugly from her, take evidence to police station and ask for harassment charges against her.


I have the emails, screen captures on facebook, but the judge is sick of seeing my husband and her in court...she wants them both to stop the non-sense....in WV a step mother can't get a DVP against her....I have to get a regular restraining order against her and she has to threaten me directly and she has been very careful not to attach my name to the threats.....at this time my facebook is shut down...I have been cut off from everyone know and love because I moved out of state for my husband and his children....I haven't gone to the exchanges in months...that's when her attacks on facebook and the court filing came...I become untouchable....right now the only chance she has to attack me is in court and she is going for my throat...she has taken things from my past facebook post and applied them to herself and the judge at this point is buying it...at this point I see no other way then to go in and take the beating....She has lied in court in the past and on another one of her counts to this modification she submitted false evidence...I am hoping once the final hearing is complete, we will be able to file criminal charges against her, she will be arrested and at the very least be prosecuted for lying under oath.


Hopeless while you may not be able to get a DVP order you should still be able to get a normal restraiing order.  Harrassing you via cell phone is a crime in West Virginia as in most states.  Here is a link to the penal code covering that.  Make sure you scroll down. The area the covers cell phones, and internet harrassmetn is down the page a little.

http://www.legis.state.wv.us/WVCODE/Code.cfm?chap=61&art=3C#03C (http://www.legis.state.wv.us/WVCODE/Code.cfm?chap=61&art=3C#03C)

On my facebook the only people that can see anything are actual friends.  I have made it so searching for me does not bring up anything.  If your stepchildren have facebook pages you may have to remove them until this issue is over.  The ex may be accessing your information by accessing their pages.  Since they are minors that is legal to protect them of course.   If you do not give her access and she retrieves it from some other source then I don't even think that is admissable and you would need to just object to the material they present stating they retreived it from illegal channels.  I am not an attorney so I really can't say if that is a fact or not.

Also do not make any posts on your facebook page that discusses anything going on with the pending case or with anything the stepmother does to you.  When you do not acknowledge her in any way you take away her power.


Exactly, a regular through the police department restraining order not through family court. I was able to get on on our BM. They charged her with harassment when she left a voicemail ranting about me and my girls. This was the only way we got her to stop direct contact. Now she hires different lawyers to send us letters to try and get us going. We respond to them with proof and then on to the next lawyer...been years, still at it.


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Quote from: Houston1 on Dec 19, 2013, 07:45:40 AM
I am new in this forum, And i have question which related your thread and before share my question, I read almost all post, now i got my answer.. Thanks for sharing.....
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