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Jul 14, 2024, 08:19:59 PM

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Alienated Father Needs Help.

Started by CrenshawClark, Jan 27, 2012, 05:58:00 AM

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Thank you. JT and I have some pretty big decissions to make...  I must not be making myself clear.. After MT (his daughter) refussed the 3rd visit at the 1st place they would not set up any more appts for visits. The second plave interviewed her before even attempting to set up visits (after taking our $400) and stated she was refussing. There have been no attempts at visitation since early November because the court won't do anything about it!.


14 days until trial... JT's parents came up with the rest of the money!! Its a blessing and a curse... We sat down for "Family Meeting" and added up everything we had actually paid, not lost wages or gas for the hour drive to court or tolls or parking, just what we had PAID Drs, Investigators, visitation centers and LAWYERS!! Are you ready..... 56k to date....thats before JT's parents fork over the "Last"/"Next" 12-15k!!!!!

Anyhow... at this point I am complaining about the wrong things!!! I hope to be posting in 2 weeks with good news!! I really hope JT and MT get in the same room soon!!! Pray for us!!

We are gonna need lots of advice on what to do AFTER trial!!! That is when the real work helping MT will begin!!!


You never did answer how old his MT is...  That will make a big difference.


She just turned 11. She was 9 the last time her father saw her. Sorry. :) 11 more days!!


Depos done... Over  90% of the questions were about money... I was SHOCKED!! Probably shouldn't have been... but it has NEVER been about the money for us...only in the capacity of wasting it on lawyers!! So sad.... I really just thought she was crazy... this is worse.... To think that MT has had to go through this over child support that we will and have always been willing to pay... Makes no sense!!!


1st day of trial went great!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


The wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one!


Please please Crenshaw, let us know how things went.  I am new to ths forum and this site. I hope people who post here [and get concerned replies and as much help as can be given] dont just silently disappear when a resolutiuon's been had.

lost child

It would be a wonderful thing if we could all come together and support one another . Maybe if we did this we could get some justice for our children . The laws is not going to change by itself that i can promise . At the end of the day a child is fatherless and both child and father is heart Broken. And the MOTHER well she is a WOMEN and with all the RIGHTS. It is amazing how many ALIENATED FATHERS there are in the U.S land of the free for all  read the fine print  EXCLUDES ALL FATHERS . Fathers are ALIENATED by the mothers , courts , judges , lawyers and then god forbid if you are bothered with child support unit they can and will do more to you than you think. OH I forgot to mention the Mothers side of the family they to can ALIENATE the father and say mean and hateful things to the child about there FATHER who ever does this let me tell you - STOP IT YALL ARE HURTING OUR CHILREN we are not taking this anymore WE Are Fathers and proud of it We Can and Will SUPPORT Each Other ....NOW this is the beginning to make sure dads count to. Lets get Fathers Rights - Lets commite 10 minutes each day to write in  respone to someone to encourage a father to keep fighting a good fight for the children sake or to give someone advise lets do something Our children will thank us for this. Any father out there that has sons well do you want them to go through this????? this is our chance to make a difference for our sons future and to have better wife's for our sons.COMMIT NOW.

father luv

I agree with this i will commmit to this at least 10 minutes a day becouse women have all the rights and men have none. This is my first time on this site. It sounds like I'am not alone in this world. The law is really not fair to fathers and our children.