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Oct 04, 2023, 10:10:35 AM

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2 Kids, one with mom and one with dad. What happens with CS (NY State)?

Started by dadadvocate, Mar 07, 2012, 06:29:31 AM

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The current CS is based on our two children living with mom.  Now one child is living with me and the other with mom.  Not really sure what happens with CS here in NYS with that circumstance.  Any suggestions from anyone?


Depends if mom and dad both make around the same amount of money.  If you do, then no support, then split medical out of pocket for each of them or you can make agreement that you each pay for child with you (but one may be in more activities or more medical needs). If one house salary is a lot more, then support will be ordered to make both houses "even" as if you were still together. If you both come up with agreement, NYS will just order it.

lost child

It seems to me that if you got a child and your EX has a child then it should be a wash. But if you think that you need to help with your other child thats not living with you then that is your call.