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Jun 15, 2024, 03:24:54 AM

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HELP with Minor's Counsel and contempt issues with Ex-wife..

Started by drcreger, Mar 07, 2012, 10:14:00 PM

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I will try and keep it simple..

Mom has ignored all requirements of the Court Orders, so in 2009, I asked for a Minor's Counsel to be put into place, it was granted.  MC has flipped sides 4 times since, has favored mom for last 2 years.  I have 2nd and 4th weekends with our 7 year old daughter.  We have shared Legal and Physical Custody.

Here are the issues.. 

1.  Mom does NOT follow the Court Order for release of Medical and School information, skips Court Ordered pne calls, has made up false claims against me (all were found to be false) and has even moved my daughter without notifying me or the Courts.  Mom is in her 3rd live-in relationship in the last 5 years in which my daughter was moved and mom refuses me to meet the "new" guy.

2.  When I ask mom about the School events, Report cards, medicines given, etc, etc..  MC accuses me of being demanding and aggressive and demanding for asking.  I never get the info and have missed School events, etc.  I have 100's of emails ASKING, but MC always speaks for mom and I never get help in an unbiased manner.

3.  If I send an email to my ex (mom) asking for information about ANYTHING, MC responds and speaks on mom's behalf in a tone that is demeaning toward me and protective of mom not following the Order.  In short, MC is enabling mom.

4.  I have been to Court 15 times, over 60 documents filed and now we are scheduled for an EVIDENTIARY HEARING on April 3rd, 2012 based on the issue stated in #3.  I have never LOST a case as PRO-PER, but now (based on what MC says) my Custody is in question, again..  because I want the mom to follow the Orders..  all I want is to know my daughter is safe, getting the medical care that any good parent wants and not be alienated.

The MC is <redacted> and is based in the LA County Court system.

Any suggestions on how to...:

A.   Get the Courts to see the bias and lack of follow through of MC
B.   Show the CAUSE AND EFFECT that mom is causing by not following the Orders and alienating me.



Call the school, get on their mailing list and phone call list. Ask if they have online accounts for parents including lunch accounts and report cards/attendance. Get a parent code. Talk to teacher and use school online website to find out about events. If child is young, you can leave extra folder in main office or with teacher and ask that you get copies of everything that goes home from office, notices.

What if you turned it around on the GAL, ask them "how should I go about knowing if xx was signed up for anything at school (activities)". Some people use an online calendar that both parents have access to, and they add events as they come up. Keep any emails very short and business like. Ex : "Please let me know if XX will be in the school concert on xx date". One sentence. Do not respond to mom unless it is a direct question about child. Answer very short.

How old is child? Once child is a little older "maybe" it will be better because when you have child you can just talk and things will come up if they are involved in things.

lost child

My best advise to you is prove yourself by that sign up for Parenting classes It looks good in court and you learn alot on how children think and it teaches you how to deal with issues with your child. I went on the advise of a friend it Parenting classes was great and i learned alot . The courts can order that 1 or both parents attend parenting class . In my state if you go on your own it is free if you are court ordered it will cost you all states are different. Parenting classes is like 8 weeks and 1 day a week and most centers have different times to choose from because parents have to work. You will meet alot of people with different problems and you will meet some with the same kind of issues.It is always good not to feel alone it gives you the time to meet people and ask ? and if you don't ask you will never know.Speak to the teacher in charge of the class and ask if there is a anger mangement class that you can enroll in i don't know much about these classes but i know that it can get costly but you might be able to get a great deal if you go on your own this is not saying that you have anger issues are need parenting but if she is saying you got these issues she will press on and the court will order you to go to classes. you better off keeping this to yourself if you go to the classes this way if she ask the court to order you to go then you will have one on her that is always a good thing. Loose lips sink ships its better NO ONE KNOWS !!!!!!!!!!!!! you get more from the classes if you do this without being ordered. You can tell the people that is court ordered and the ones thats not court ordered . Thats all i got hope you follow through for your childs sake and yours.