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Apr 21, 2024, 02:44:36 PM

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meaning of permanent custody in md

Started by mommyoftwins05, Apr 11, 2012, 07:27:26 PM

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 :)Hi was wondering about the meaning of permanent custody in md.I was granted it because neice is drug addict & was heading to jail for 2 concurrent terms back in 2010.SHE THINKS THAT IF SHE CAN JUST GET OUT & GET HER KIDS BACK.I GOT the twins because of the exceptional circumstance of them living with me since 2 months old.bd didn't show up for final hearing.I live in Carroll co.The children know who she is but call us Mom & Dad .Thanks[


It means that you have custody of the kids, make decisions, and the kids live with you.

If the bio parents "parental rights" were not taken away and you did not officially adopt them, there is a possibility that either of the bio parents can start out asking for some contact or visitation with the kids.

While she is in jail, call a few lawyers and see if you have enough to terminate parental rights and do an adoption. See if that will stir things up and maybe just leave it alone.

Sounds like the kids are very young, but be careful about them calling you mom and dad. They will soon find out that she is around even if it limited.

Look through the final papers, see if there is anything limiting their parental rights or paying child support.

If/when the kids go to school, give them copies of the order with strict instructions that they not to be released t anyone else. Even daycare and babysitters. You have custody so she can not come and legally take them without changing the court order.