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in a nasty mess with ex

Started by shellcode, Apr 17, 2012, 08:34:17 PM

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Me and my ex live in N.Y.C we have a 5 year old daughter,she has physical custody and i have every other weekend visits.With 2 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks with the mom.She put a order of protection accusing me falsely and im still fighting the case, this been going on since last year.She has violated my visits many times.

Now even with the oop in place we still communicating (on the down low) trying to works things out but it seem is not working.Because my daughter went to the E.R she has a bad infection on the eye and the mother didn't tell me i found out in facebook.And i question her why she didn;t tell me she said she dont need too know, knowing we have( joint legal custody)

And when she upset she wants to elimanate from my child saying, I'm going to change my number.DOnt tXT me,I'm' trying my best but this woman dont understand how to be a parent she think about herself

what can i do? should i go back to court? something has to be done so she could stop her bullshyt..


Next time she texts (or calls let it go to voicemail). Take that to court to drop the RO and say she is communicating with me. You should not respond AT ALL with a restraining order in place. Ask the courts for a way to be allowed to communicate, email or text works best and you can still have the RO but legally talk to each other. You can be arrested by talking to her if she wants. Be very careful.

Under the RO, if you still have visits, then try to get child. Do not speak to mother, ignore anything she says. Just tell child to get in car and she will see mom xx. If mom wont allow the visits, call the police to write a report. Then you can go to court for refusing visits.

In NY, the filing papers are all online. You can file yourself for free if you are comfortable or file and then hire a lawyer for court.

Many times, the primary parent does not tell the other parent things. It is best to try to get information from the source. You are allowed to go to the hospital and get child's records. Use school and coaches for information. Yes, she should of told you about the ER visit when it happened but with the RO you probably should not have been there legally.


I see,supposed to pick/up and drop/off at the precint but since we had been talking i pick her up at the mother house or she drops her off, but she won;t be there when i have visits because she works so her mother would be there


Question, did she violated the joint legal agreement? because basically when the child goes to the E.R she not going to tell me basically she even said it in txt..


She is ...but family court will not do anything about it. You could file a motion to drop the RO as mother has contacted you and asked that you pick child up from her house for visits. (get that on a text or email for proof). Send her a text, "I am picking up xx at your house at 4pm today since you are working correct?". BUT once again, she can have you in jail at ANY time you are near her, contact her, or go to her house so you need to get this changed in court.


Yea she could lol I have a court date on MAY 2 for the order of protection


is there a way to get more visits with my daughter? or do we have to agree to it?