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Jun 19, 2024, 05:59:05 AM

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A few more questions about being nice

Started by wvpoorfellow, Apr 18, 2012, 07:50:28 AM

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Thank everyone for the info. Would the law be the same if our home was on family owned property? The home is located on her family's property could I be arrested for trespassing? Could the property owner have me arrested or evicted even if I'm just setting in my home? Can I be forced to sign the divorce papers by a judge even if I don't want the divorce?


Do you have a singed lease or rental agreement with you wife's family? 

Contact the local athorities and ask them.  I'm curious to know too.


No signed lease or agreement, a moble home was gifted to both of us, we remodled and have lived in the home for 3 years.


Still your house and even renters can not be forced out with an eviction notice first. Call the local police department and ask. The longer you are out, the longer she can say you left on your own and change the locks.


What paperwork do you have to show that it was gifted and therefore owned by yourself and your EX?
Do you guys for example pay property taxes on it annually?   (That might be separate from the taxes assessed to the land).....and who's name is on that bill?