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May 26, 2024, 11:31:49 AM

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Florida Dept of Revenue?!?!

Started by dimegf, May 11, 2012, 09:24:02 AM

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Can I sue the Florida Dept. of Revenue for defamation of character or slander? I pay my support as ordered, the payment ordered was lowered in Oct 2011 through the County court and two months later I was receiving threatening letters from the DOR and they reported against my credit multiple times( just 3 times in one week alone) due to arrears they claim that I owe as a result of the lower payment. I presented documentation(at my expense) from the courts showing that I was current on four different occasions since December. Each time I had to miss work and pay for documents from the court and each time I was told the balance would be corrected but may take "up to" 30 days. Well, it's now been seven months and the amount they say I owe is not only still being reported but has gone up as recently as May 9th. I have not missed any payments and this is simply not possible that it increased. It is affecting my quality of life and is threatening my employment now. If there is anyone that could advise or help me to put a stop to this, please please let me know as I have exhausted every other avenue, from calling the local news to writing an email to Governor Scott. I am truly not a "dead-beat" I pay every penny ordered and then some and I work hard to do so. Someone please advise. Thank you.