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Jun 17, 2024, 01:45:50 PM

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2 State Child Support Issues

Started by gcthief1, Jan 08, 2013, 05:47:43 AM

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Well I received my Income Withholding Order termination paper from Illinois but the Illinois refuses to reconize it. I have tried to call only to be told to call back later and have sent 2 emails only to be ignored. The States Attorneys office told me to send a copy of the paperwork to them so they can enforce it. Looks like Florida will NOT be able to pull jurisidiction on me now. Hope it all works out. And it was nice to find out that my ex was using her food stamps to buy food for her new bfs house instead of her own. Then she expected our children to go there and eat. My oldest refused and then didnt have food to eat. I am one pissed off father.


Huh?  Illinois issues, Illinois refused to honor it?


Illinois and Florida refuse to honor it. They said it was sent to me in error and I still owe child support. Well I guess legal documents are not taken seriously anymore. I had my taxes taken from me again this year as well even after filing after the order termination. Seems non-custodial parents have no rights anymore. 


are you taking names?

are you sending CERTIFIED as in "You can't ignore my mail" letters?


gcthief1 ... you might search and then be enlightened by : "Stopping Unjust Welfare Recovery"in the Random Article section on this site.


Sorry its been awhile since I have been on. Well just found out today that the termination IWO will not be honored because IL Child and Family services said that the paper I received was so that FL would terminate their support order against me for the same child since the order was originated in IL. I still don't understand how a legal document isn't legal. Guess I'll just work for the rest of my life.


wow just when u think your the only one fighting a losing battle with dhhs or your state and or another state i read this stuff its totally amazing that our own goverment takes and takes from us its one thing to support my child i dont mind that but to have my own town and state treat us like we are nothing and the sad part is as we pay and pay seem to have no voice or rights and to top it off our taxes pay the salaries of the ones taking what should be our childrens and they do not answer ur questions or return ur calls tell you that that is that im so tired of bieng treated like dirt from them and my ex i do all i can and they want more my child support office told me last year even tho i was out of work that seeing how i asked for a reduction seeing how i had my son 98 perc time and supporting him they told me no that matter fact they gonna raise it cause it now determined what you pay by what your ability to make is talk about bend over, meanwhile his mother has not raised or had our son living with her since the day he was born so for 3 years now ive been trying to report her for collecting on a child that lives with me and her mother nope wouldnt even listen now im paying maine and calif cause she went out there for few mnths  so she deliberetly filed in both states got two checks a mnth one from each state for one child i reported this n she was not made to pay it back fined nothing so now im fighting both states ill be interested how  u make out w fl and il mite b somthing im gonna have to try
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