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Jul 19, 2024, 08:40:31 PM

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borderline and custody

Started by JOHN777, Aug 06, 2012, 03:34:09 PM

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I have an ex-girlfiend who has accused someone of rape, someone of molestation and me of domestic violence. I dont want to get to detailed. I am non-violent, and I dont believe any of the other accusations are true. After a tremendous amount of reading I believe she suffers from BPD. The courts are so one sided to her that I am flabergasted.I am in Ohio and currently looking for a good custody attorney. Not having alot of luck. How can these courts see such destructive behavior and ignore it. At the present time I am not allowed to see my child. I did nothing wrong. She threw a restraining order on me, the courts gave her my vehicle & she has emptied my home. Has any man ever won a case when the mom is BPD? And does anyone know of a good custody lawyer?


It's not clear whether there is an order in place or not. Since you are looking into locating an attorney I assume you are just beginning the divorce process. If she got a RO on you, I'm shocked that she got a vehicle. When you locate an attorney, file a Motion for Mental Health Evaluation. Be prepared for her to counter and for you to be submitted to one as well. Do not violate the RO in the interim. If she is truly BPD, be careful, these are the true nuts and pure f'n evil. She will play dirty and so should you.