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Jul 18, 2024, 04:50:04 AM

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Visitation rights Iowa

Started by Hardtimeiniowa, Jun 06, 2013, 08:33:22 PM

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I am currently in a huge dispute with my ex about visitations with my daughter. Nothing is set in stone by a judge or lawyer for when I see her. This was always fine in the last 7 years, always saying what weekends or holidays worked for each other. Until about 6 months ago when I started a new relationship with someone, this went very much so downhill. Now, I am not the fall back guy that she would come running to when things go sour in her life. I have a good stable job for the last 8 years, I don't use any kind of illegal drug, I own my own house, I have great insurance on myself and her, and I have always paid my child support with no back child support at all. So, within the last 6 months she refuses to answer any calls or text. Not only from myself but other family members as well. Just today I went to a family members little league baseball game and she was there. She told my daughter get in the car and if I was wanting to see her, I best get a lawyer. Is there anything easier than a lawyer getting involved?


What's outlined in your divorce decree?

Kitty C.

I am from Iowa......
Do you have any kind of court order?  Were you married to the mother?  If the answer to these is no, then you might not have any choice but to get an atty.  If you live in eastern Iowa, I can recommend a father-friendly atty. from Iowa City.  He's kind of pricey, but years ago he won a case for a father who got custody of his child after the mother had put the baby up for adoption.  He's good!
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