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Apr 24, 2024, 01:41:02 PM

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I am going insance with NCP insurance reimbursement for out of network

Started by balleros, Mar 24, 2015, 07:33:04 PM

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I posted before and now I have better info on this issue.
I spent $2000 on out of network medical sessions for my son. I sent claims to NCP insurance in 3 bulks. His insurance sent an inituial reimbursement for $400 and they kept telling me for almost two months that it was sent as direct deposit to NCP. NCP kept saying he never received the money. It wasn't until 2 or 3 weeks ago that the provider received a call for the last claim I sent and she knew about my entire ordeal with reimbursements so she asked what was going on and the insurance compnay told her that the funds were not sent to NCP but to a child support collection agency in florida. FYI my case is in CA.
Last week I received the explanation of benefits through the local child support agency so yes, provider was right. The EOB and funds were sent to a POBOX in Florida and they forwarded part of the claim to our local agency in CA.
I have been calling the case manager in CA since Friday and finally I spoke with someone today Tuesday. They said they have no records of a payment received from an insurance compnay.They told me to get more info from insurance compnay which I did and the insurance is not telling me anything (no ref number etc etc). They just say that they can't check if it eas cashed or not as it was sent as direct deposit.
If it weas just $400 , I would drop this and period.But there are 2 more payments coming and they are both higher than that.
Has anyone been in a similar odd and crazy situation?
In the meantime, I have sent the EOB to my own insurance which is my son's secondary and they reimbursed me already
any tips?


Ok,you are getting there.
Never heard of an insurance EOB check getting garnished but maybe if it is a state plan it is connected to the child support system. His EOB does not have any info on it, fake check that is crossed out at bottom saying where the money went? Maybe he owes money for something else? Are you sure it was garnished for YOU.

Can the child support person call the insurance company in your behalf? Give them the number, info , and ID number and see if they can get further with this. If not, I would send all the info you have by registered mail (copies of EOB and insurance card) to BOTH child support agencies and ask that the payment be applied to your account. Maybe another registered letter to HIS insurance requesting future payments have your child support number on it and child support address that accepts payments but they are prob forced to send to the address listed on the garnishment order.

Getting closer....what a pain!