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Jul 23, 2024, 05:16:25 AM

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Filing for Dissolution of Marriage in Florida - BM long gone

Started by gatortude, Aug 02, 2015, 07:52:36 PM

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BM is Micronesian. BF is American. DD born in Micronesia.

All moved to the US (Georgia) in 2006 and lived here together for a year before BM moved back to Micronesia. DD was 4 years old then.

DD has not seen BM since. She speaks to her occasionally on the phone. In fact, we really don't know where BM is living. We have no address or way to contact her.

BM called 10 months after moving away stating that she had given birth to their second child. BF has never seen this child and realizes there is little hope for getting custody of this child, DS.

Need to file for divorce and establish legal custody of DD and establish military survivor benefits for DS.

Can we do this pro se? I hear we have to run a newspaper ad in Micronesia for 30 days.

Any pointers, advice, resourses are greatly appreciated.


Header was supposed to say filing in Georgia. Don't know how to change that.


OK, this must be a question asked for a friend????  Because it doesn't fit your other posts ... and stuff.

YES, Dad can file for divorce in the state of Georgia.

Now....having her served and stuff...gets tricky.  HONESTLY, not sure how to answer that.

I know here in Alabama, I searched and found instructions on publishing a notification and what the requirements were -- and then found out from the county clerk that I had to file a motion to request to do all this etc....I'm not an attorney, pro se here too.

I'm wondering since this is "international" in nature -- if dad isn't better off hiring an attorney or at least consulting an attorney for an hour to see what they honestly think.  OR is dad located near any university in Georgia with a law school where he can get some assistance but do the filings himself.

The additional child -- is also tricky since they are married legally still.....legally, he might be considered the dad.  So that needs to be addressed as well -- if he obviously isn't the dad.


This question is for my Uncle. It has always been agreed that I would assume care for DD, if something happens to him.

I cannot help but feel we are on borrowed time. BF's cancer is in remission approx 3 years post-lung-lobectomy.

I would like to ensure guardianship of DD and survivor benefits for the child still in Micronesia.

Everything you are saying makes sense. It is a complicated issue.

After BM left, it took a very long time to correct and obtain the first child's birth certificate from the Micronesian government. This was just to get her a social security card and benefits.

It seems that BM may have done the same with the second child, and did not place BF name on the child's birth certificate. So, not only does this complicate divorce, but also survivor benefits.