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Oct 03, 2023, 04:53:51 AM

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Temporary Guardianship Question

Started by gatortude, Aug 02, 2015, 08:42:16 PM

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Quote from: MixedBag on Aug 08, 2015, 02:19:46 PM
Ocean -- this post needs to be considered together with the other post.

In regards to which other issue? I thought separating the issues that need to be addressed would help. Guardianship is the most time-sensitive matter.


The information about the background is what I'm saying needs to be considered as a whole.....mainly because there's nothing in this thread about the international aspects.


ok, here's what I really think I would do.....and it's all coming to you via private message.  OK?



She's working on it and revealed more private details via private message.

It's really "complicated" in my eyes....dad in a different state (but only 2 hours away from this person who is niece).  Mom in another country.  THEY are not divorced.

Dad really sick...on a downhill slide....and this person can't move towards dad due to her personal situation.

I think she has a handle on her options and how it all flows together.


Thanks.  I had made those assumptions along with the fact that the mother can not be contacted because NO ONE REALLY KNOWS WHERE SHE IS LOCATED.  Besides, it is not the father's responsibility to find her.  At the same time it is responsibilty of the entire system to PROTECT this child.  From what has been shared / posted the wife/mother has abandoned the child and the father and should be restrained in all matters. 

Under the circumstances it MAY be possible in Georgia to file an Emergency Ex-parte (without notice) petition for temporary custody naming the Ga. father and the adult niece (in Florida) as the only responsible parties able to make decisions (ie residency, education, etc).  for the minor child.  Social Security. retirement. veteran benefits should be protected for this child's benefit. 

This custody document should allow the child's FL residency and therefore meet FL standards.  Perhaps the Ga. court where the father resides has a family law division that could assist in this matter.  It appears this child is headed for the foster care system absent family inteference and some sort of legal action.

Really hope for the assistance of this child.


Mom skype's with the child.

I'm truly afraid that once dad files, mom will balk.  Right now there is a peaceful co-existence on opposite sides of the world.