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Jun 15, 2024, 01:32:46 PM

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Am I entitled to any privacy when interacting with kid's schools, drs. etc?

Started by 23ncp, Dec 27, 2015, 03:57:57 PM

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For what it is worth (pretty much worthless if you ask me), I have shared parental responsibility.

Every time I request medical records for my child, whatever doctor I request them from goes crying to the CP notifying them of my request even when they already have all of the information they need to proceed.

Same thing happens when I contact the school.

I often tell whoever I speak too that my request is private and they do not have the right to tell the other parent. This seems to work, but doesn't have teeth. I thought I remember a letter on this site (FERPA related) where I let whomever I am speaking to that they do not have the right to notify the other parent....but wasn't sure if this right was founded by law and where to find said laws.

This might help in the future.



I had this problem also. It always seemed to help if I would throw in the words "My Attorney could contact you if you would like.". I never had any of them say yes, please have him contact us. lol.


They always cough up the records....but it is a matter of keeping my requests private. Any "right" that exercise might put CP in the mode of requesting more money.

I'd really like to know what rights to privacy I have from the other parent when requesting things. I wonder if I have any at all...its so obscure!


It's definitely frustrating....but I think NEITHER side really has rights to privacy.

Maybe some sarcasm is in order -- joint custody order -- "Do you call me everytime her MOM calls you like you do with me?"

Since the CHILD is the subject.....neither parent should have privacy really.

But yea....dealing with jerks is fun.


Lol! I use sarcasm...and they lie about it...then they come back and contradict themselves in writing. Amazing!


I had one elementary school principal use EX's EXACT words back at me once....and at that point I knew she was busted.   So when they gave me a hard time, I went right over their heads and even over that head because her husband was the assistant county school board something something -- so I needed to take my complaint to a person they BOTH had to answer to.

Sometimes that works....