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Apr 21, 2024, 02:16:05 PM

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living with boy friend

Started by sunbarbie, Jan 19, 2017, 10:24:15 AM

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IF i move in with my bf,in a long term relationship.  Does the bf have to expose his income and would that influence what my child currently receives?  btw: I get disablity benefits in the place of child support and its way over what the state said.  The amount was decided by SSI.  I'm guessing nothing would change in this area?  Albeit, child's non custodial parent may file modification due to moral reasons since I am living with opposite sex partner and not married right?

Thank you for any help. 


Check all your court documents to see if you have any living clauses. If not, then go ahead. Also, you should be receiving disability AND child support. In many states child is supposed to receive BOTH. No one can change the amount given from disability. That is a formula and given to children of the disabled until age 18. That is a separate program. BF income does not come into account in most states but you may have to lower your amounts (rent, food., utilities as BF is prob paying parts of all of them). So it may come into play next time child support is considered but he is currently not paying support .....BF income has no bearing on disability money at all.


I agree -- and you'll find that many non-custodials will get mad when the other side moves in "rent free" with a parent or something like that too.  It's not only boyfriends/girlfriends that cause "problems" like you're predicting, but any situation where one side is perceived (and it's true) is getting financial assistance, and the other side doesn't catch a break.


Thank you so much!  In this case child only gets disability no support personally at all from the father.  However the father would want the money that the our child gets on his side for his own family (wife and stepchildren)  As in life, me and our child would still need the assistance from ssd to live.  Our child is a tween has has lots of expenses even though I keep a very frugal lifestyle.  I plan to pay half of everything and would still come out the same as housing in Wa is expensive for a bigger house to rent but was very concerned about legal action from the ex about money and morals. 

Thank you again!


I am having second thoughts and you are right the presieved finacial assistance would be a concern.   


You really should go talk to a family lawyer in your area for a consult. It is usually free or small fee for an hour of their time. Bring all documents you have. Your ex can NOT take disability from your child. It will always be for your child until 18 directly to you. THAT is a separate issue. Ex receives his own disability check and if he has any other biological kids they would receive same amount you get. His step-kids do NOT get money off his disability.

Next, child support . You should be getting child support from him and they can garnish his disability check to get the money from him. Go to your family court and ask where there intake unit is, fill out child support papers and they will give you both a court date a few weeks from now.

Living together- more a religious issue than anything else if nothing is in your papers. He can not take anything away right now as he is not paying you anything....even if child support was ordered he can't stop it. Move, then file child support papers but say "mother is asking for child support from father as costs of raising a pre-teen has increased and mother is paying 100% of care, activities, medical copay....whatever..dental. Mother requests the courts to input a fair child support amount according to state guidelines"


wow!  Great points!  I appreciate the thoughts and will explore every one of them. 

thank you for your post, it is greatly appreciated!