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Jul 18, 2024, 04:03:54 AM

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Clearification of Parenting Plan Doc Question

Started by sunbarbie, May 01, 2017, 03:51:38 PM

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My Ex moved and our clearification document says the town he used to reside in.   It is farther away and nearly impossible to make the time on the document due to traffic.  Doesnt my ex have to get the clearification parenting plan updated through the court before I am made to drive further? 

Thank you for any assistance.


What exactly does it say about drop off's?  Also does it say anything about either parent moving away? Some orders state no more than 30 miles. How much further is the drive? Offer to meet him at a public place near his old house at the drop off time since he moved and that you are not going further since HE moved. If he doesn't like that he can bring it to court to get order modified to address the move.


I tend to agree with Ocean on this....because you said the "document says the town he used to live in"...

But I'd also like to know the specific wording in the order.


it has the exact name of both city in the document for drop off, there is no pick up, only drop offs for child.   We didnt put a moving statement on the clearification.  I like the Ocean's response.  It's the most reasonable.  Ex wont like it tho. 

Thank you for the help!!


The other thing I would recommend you finding and figuring out is what does your state's law say about moving away.

In Alabama -- that was covered in "the code" for example.  It's been a long time ago for me but even though a divorce didn't say anything about it -- the Law did. 

In my case for a similar situation, our divorce said one thing.  Over time, the law got more defined.  But dad didn't follow the law as it was updated.  So I complained (filed for contempt), and the judge said he was not in contempt.  then at the end the judge said "Do you have any questions?"  And I said "your honor, what am I supposed to do when our decree is 1996, and the law over time gets more specific because that's what happened?"  Judge said "Well, I should have found him in contempt, BUT I don't think you will have any more problems on this subject, will she dad?"  And dad said "No".....