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Jul 19, 2024, 07:36:12 PM

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Over 50% of income garnished

Started by wortmann, Aug 12, 2018, 08:51:28 PM

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Against state statue and federal law. My judge is/has ordered the garnisheeing of over 50% of my income. I filled for modification and it was denied.. what can be done about this as its not my only problem as after ordered to hand over my entire retirement my ex is to return my home. Except the day i get it back the mortgage company informs me its almost three months late in payment and going into foreclosure after three months delinquent. and these are still just a few wrongful judgment by my judge. My road is at an end. I don't wanna give up.


It sounds like you were behind in some payments so they are garnishing more money to make it up? Depends on the state but in my state you can not file a change for 3 years unless there is a major change since the last time the order was made. Was there an order that your ex pay the mortgage during this time? Is the mortgage in your name?