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Jul 18, 2024, 08:24:36 AM

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Dad with 2 sons in home state, wife in another state with 2 youngest girls.

Started by Minienduro60, Feb 12, 2019, 08:07:25 PM

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I'll make it quick. Wife left our home state our 4 kids born and lived in for 15 yrs with 4 kids. After 2 weeks at her mom's house in New state her mom verbally abuse our older boys 11-13 wife asked me to get boys as she knew mom would get worse. Entire time wife said she didn't want divorce but soon as she got residency I got divorce papers last week. She wants all 4 kids. Our boys are residents in my state. Can her state take the boys from my state. I'm calling an attorney in the other state tomorrow.


Have a look at these articles to help plan how to respond and what to do:

The trouble with reality is that there's no background music.


How long has she been in NY? Go see a lawyer in your state and see if you can bring the divorce back to you. What county in NY is this case?

NY child support is to 21. NY you need grounds for divorce. Due to the boys ages and she sent them back to you willingly the courts here will prob not make the boys come back to NY. But there will be visitation and should be visitation when all the kids are together too so they get to see each other. Has she allowed you to see younger two since she left?

Best and first shot is to dismiss case in NY and move it to you. If it stays in NY, post again I am not a lawyer but have many years dealing with NY family court.


Thank you for your response. My wife is in Nashville TN area. I am outside Chicago il.