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Jun 19, 2024, 11:39:48 PM

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Mom trying to push me out

Started by C1M, Jun 03, 2020, 02:31:22 PM

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Two years ago my sons mother moved my son with her to Maui from the states. This was before we had a parenting agreement. I immediately hired an attorney and established the rules. Now I heard first from my 10 year old son that they are planning on moving back to the states. His mother confirmed this about 6 months ago. My issue is this. My wife and I are planning to move where ever they go to be near my boy. Or even move to Maui if they don't move from the island. But his mother is not communicating with me at all about there plans. My wife and I are just in this terrible waiting zone waiting to hear where they are going, while the clock ticks and I don't get to see my boy. Also, I have been flying back and forth to the island to see him as often as I can which has been about every three months. And now I am not doing that because of I don't want to spend the money if they are going to be moving soon. I want the money to make the move. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I am not sure you should up and move when mom is not being forthcoming on where she is going and how long that stay will be. Do you have a parenting plan in place for long visits when school is not in session (which is most of the country right now...). If you do not want to send child on plane, you can go there until covid is more under control. He should be coming to you for most of his school breaks including summer for long distance.

You can email/send certified letter to school asking them for copies of his educational record and if/when a school transfer is requested to send you a copy. That paper will be signed by mom telling the old school to send records to new school. If you have been talking to teacher, ask them if mom signed him out of school yet (to leave school).
Hang in there, few years, son will be more vocal about what he wants, then a few more years will be in college and on their own. Many times in HS years is gets crazy as the child is working and maybe into sports and activities that does not allow him to miss time from home state. Most of the country is using skype type free video chats/face time apps to talk to their family/friends/co-workers. Try to set a schedule of when you can video chat with child and keep in touch as often as you can. Send care packages as surprises for him to show him you care. Keep up with his new teacher and follow along on school district website/parent portal/grading system.
Good luck!


Whatever you do, you need to do it on record. You need to show some proofs during the court.