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Jul 14, 2024, 10:08:22 PM

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Hurt Strong Falsely Accused Mother

Started by JazzyBoo28, Mar 19, 2019, 08:40:48 AM

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Could I file a lawsuit if I had my children taken without a proper investigation and charges that was later dropped

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I am a strong hurt and lost mother who's babies was taken without legal and proper investigation. Placed charges on me that was later dropped and dismissed 5 years later. Accused me of drug use which I came back clean took an old drug result from a previous miscarriage and placed the paperwork on my live baby. State had no evediance nor substantial facts to prove nor did they undergo a proper investigation. Took me to court 2 years later of being on my case. I had been in foster care from 2 until I was 18 when then I signed myself out. Got pregnant at 19 had my first born at 20. They jumped in my life when my son was 10mo old and didn't come to agreement with taking me to court until he was 2 years old. They left him with a stranger whom was not a foster parent nor relative. So much emotional distress and hurt with confusion. I've been attending and seeking mental health services and treatment since 1997 until today. I currently has custody of my 3rd baby and has since been arrested in 2018 for child neglect for the charge in 2013 which they let me out on bond and they dropped and dismissed all charges due to state not being able to provide reasonable doubt which I have ALL PAPERWORK and DOCUMENTS needed. I need my babies back and I've been searching for help and advice and assistance for years now. Is there anything I can do.


Where are babies #1 and #2 now? Have your rights been taken away through court? Do you have visitation with them at all? Is this a Child Protective case still?
Depends on what is going on but you need to jump through CPS hoops to get your children back. Call your child worker or their boss and ask what needs to be done next for you to start seeing your children and gaining custody back. What state are you in?


My first child is with my mom and my middle baby is with my grandmother. I have court ordered visitation not to mention it's supervised. The case is closed and my rights are not terminated. I have to pay child support also have a open case with disability. I am in South Carolina seeking major major help but I'll never stop fighting nor give up no matter what.


You can go down to family court and ask to see if you qualify for a free lawyer (legal aid) to help you through family court. You would probably need to petition the court next to have unsupervised visits next and see if they grant that. Then after a while you can ask for more time and overnight visits. If the kids are old enough to be in school, get involved , go to school activities, ask to read in child's classroom, go on school trips. If the kids are involved in outside activities go watch them at dance class, base ball practice....You should be allowed in all public places to watch your child as long as it is not against a court order. Let us know if you qualify for legal aid. Bring your court documents with you and a one page history in order of what happened so they can catch up on the case. Good luck! (We are not lawyers, just people who have been through family courts for a very long time)